Apple's Ring in the New Year Activity Challenge: What you need to know!

Apple's "Ring in the New Year Challenge" is coming to encourage us all to get off our holiday-fed butts and kick off 2017 by filling all our rings in a fit and healthy way. Do it every day for a week, and you'll get a brand new achievement to go with the New Year!

Update: The first achievements have just begun being awards, but you still have three more chances to get one!

When does the challenge begin?

You'll get a notification on Wednesday, December 28 when you put your watch on. That's local time. Hi Australia!

Monday January 2, 2017 is the official start date, though.

What's the special achievement?

A "Ring in the New Year" badge and sticker pack. The badge will be proudly displayed in the Activity app on your iPhone. The stickers you can send to all your friends via iMessage.

And you can get it up to four times?

No, you have up to four chances to get it. Close out out all your activity rings for a week, you'll get the achievement. Four weeks in January means four chances to close out those rings!

Any questions?

The Thanksgiving achievement — walk or run 5K — was a lot of fun. This one should be as well. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments!

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