Apple's 'swipe to unlock' patent invalidated in German court

Apple's "swipe to unlock" feature on iPhones and iPads is not sophisticated enough to warrant a patent, according to a German court. The feature, a part of iOS since the very first iPhone, was deemed not to be "based on an invention" as part of a case between Apple and Motorola Mobility, which is owned by Lenovo.

From Bloomberg:

"This user-friendly display was already suggested by the state of the art," the Karlsruhe-based court wrote. "The contested patent thus isn't based on an invention."

This ruling reaffirms an earlier ruling made by a patent tribunal. Apple had previously won an injunction against Motorola with this patent a few years ago. That injunction, which is currently the subject of an appeal, will likely be lifted in the wake of this ruling.

Source: Bloomberg