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Apple's New UK Prices

Today, the UK see a rise in their VAT from 17.5% to 20%. This morning, Apple's Online Store went down and when it reopened, it showed the new prices, with the new VAT.

Check after the break for a list of the new prices for the iPad, iPhone, iPods and the AppleTV.


  • 16GB - £439
  • 32GB - £510
  • 64GB - £612

iPad 3G

  • 16GB - £541
  • 32GB - £612
  • 64GB - £714

iPhone 3GS

  • 8GB - £428

iPhone 4

  • 16GB - £510
  • 32GB - £612

iPod Touch

  • 8GB - £193
  • 32GB - £254
  • 64GB - £336

iPod Nano

  • 8GB - £131
  • 16GB - £163

iPod Shuffle

  • 2GB - £40

iPod Classic

  • 160GB - £197


  • £101

Free Shipping now only applies to orders over £80 instead of £78. Not much difference, and you'll probably end up more than £80 at Apple anyway.

Do these prices still make it compelling for you to buy from Apple? What do you think about the new prices? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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  • I say that you are more than will come to cone the US and buy your apple devices for cheeper if you want.
  • I dare say that if it was cheaper to fly across the Atlantic to buy an iPad than to buy one locally in the UK, Great Britain would have a serious economic issue. I doubt that's the case yet.
    But if you just happen to be in the US for other reasons, sounds like a good idea, but do you have declare electronics that you bring with you from overseas in the UK?
  • I noticed higher prices at the Bestbuy the other day. Airport express went from $99 to $109 and 1T Time Capsule went from $299 to $329. Their prices used to be the same as the Apple store. So I've been expecting to see an increase here also. I hope I'm wrong.
  • And what were the old prices?
    In Switzerland, the VAT was raised from 7.9% to 8% on 1.1.11, but I haven't checked if that affected Apple's (or other shops') prices.
    But compared to the US, everything is very expensive in the UK and Switzerland anyway. I bought my last iPod (before the iPhone) on eBay from someone in the US.
  • It just makes no sense to me?!!?
    Apple Dev Connection - $99 - £59
    Apple TV - $99 - £99 -> Now £101
    Most other Apple products are about right UK -> US wise, its just Apple TV! It's the only thing stopping me buying it!
    FFS, the pricing is a joke. I understand we have had the VAT increase, but come one, the mark up on Apple TV is a joke!
  • It should at least be about £70!
    But as always the UK gets shafted by a US company who cant work out conversion rates. Mmmmm just like MS and their xbox live points :p
    Sorry, i gave up smoking on new years so i am a little grumpy recently lol :D
  • INFLUENCEUK and others. I always used to think we got shafted in the uk by the funny exchange rate used by US companies. i.e $499 translates to £499 etc, but i then realised rightly or wrongly, US prices are quoted at net prices without taking tax into consideration. To this you got to add the 20% VAT which makes it more of a comparison.
  • Yeah its not about exchange rates with companies, its about profit! no company will let a country benefit they will always be hindered by the country of source, thats a rule that applies to 99% of international retail. sometimes it can work in ones favour though.
  • Its a huge rip off no matter how you look at it. But if you have money to burn, then it doesnt matter.
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