The number one paid app for the past few weeks has just gone on a limited time sale. iShoot [iTunes Link] can now be purchased for the low price of $1.99. Keep in mind this is a limited time sale, so don't let this one pass by!


blockquote>iShoot is an artillery combat game in which tanks blast each other with a wide range of high-powered weapons, from basic shells and cluster bombs to the world-destroying Shiva Bomb. The full version of iShoot includes 25 weapons, photorealistic landscapes, drivable tanks, and more money with which to buy weapons.

This one is for all of our Golfing readers out there, Golf Scores [iTunes Link] has just dropped $3.00 in price to $4.99. Some of the features of this app are as follows:

  • Store as many courses as you wish
  • Store details (Distance,Par, Handicap) for as many holes as you wich per course.
  • Store scores for as many rounds as you wish per course.
  • Assign any number of holes per round - Set the first and last hole you play for the round.
  • Unlimited number of players per round.
  • Store player’s handicap.
  • Scorecard in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Stroke play and Stableford* scoring system (Net and Gross).
  • Autocalculated GIR.

Next up we have a gem for all of the Sudoku players out there, and it's a freebie! ACTSudoku FREE. [iTunes Link]


blockquote>With ACTSudoku, Houdah Software brings the popular Sudoku game to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. ACTSudoku allows you to solve 3 levels (easy, medium, hard) of Sudoku games. Its intuitive touch interface allows you to quickly set positive (green) and negative (red) markers to indicate which digits you still deem possible for a given cell. ACTSudoku may help you by blocking digits which are obviously no longer available and by setting positive markers for the remaining ones. You should further narrow down the possible digits by setting negative markers.

If you missed out on the FrostyPlace Emoji hack that Rene mentioned a few weeks back, and have since upgraded to 2.2.1 (which FrostyPlace doesn't support), Touch Dial Emoji [iTunes Link] has you covered! And it's on sale now for only $.99!

If you spot any app in the App Store that you think is a super deal be sure drop us a line to let us know!

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