In today's Apps For Less we found a few very worthy deals that you should definitely take advantage of.

First up we have a gem of a game from Gameloft -- you might have heard it? -- Assassin's Creed - Altaïr's Chronicles [iTunes Link]. You should know that it is one to pick up, especially at it's new low price of $5.99 (down from $9.99!) Not a bad deal at all.

The fate of the Holy Land depends on you... Plunge into this direct prequel to the critically acclaimed game title, Assassin's Creed™, offering rich gameplay and a well-balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action, and riddle-solving exploration in the midst of fully 3D-rendered historical environments of the Crusades' Middle East

This next game also comes to us from Gameloft, Siberian Strike. [iTunes Link] You can now pick this one up for $.99! Great deal for an action packed quality game!


blockquote>Renewing the retro genre, Siberian Strike offers tons of enemies to destroy in many different ways thanks to the wild array of dangerous weapons at your disposal. Explosive missions make this game one of a kind with gameplay mixing shooting and riveting piloting assignments. Made for shoot'em up fans and casual players thanks to intuitive gameplay that makes it fun and within reach for everyone.

Last but not least we have an application that is actually not a game! The unit conversion app, Convertbot, [iTunes Link] is now on sale for a very limited time for the low price of $.99!


blockquote>Convert currency, length, mass, time and much more in an exciting new way! Converting numbers will never again be a mundane task. In addition to its innovative interface, our robot is smart enough to convert to and from mixed units. Are you 5 foot 9 inches tall? Other converters require you to convert that to 5.75 ft in your head before being able to enter it. Convertbot allows mixed units like Foot + Inches, Pounds + Ounces, and more!

If you are a developer and are planning on a sale for your application feel free to contact us to be included in the next Apps for Less!

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