Discounts on Beats headphones are a staple of any holiday sale, but the one going on with the Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones at Target right now might take the cake as the most insane one yet.

These headphones have been around for years now but still draw eyes with their iconic design. When iMore reviewed them, noise cancellation and Apple's W1 chip created a combo that sounded like "music to our ears."

This deal isn't just any Black Friday sale - it's the one to top every Beats sale going on right now.

The icon

Beats Studio 3

Beats Studio3

Noise cancellation heaven.

The Beats Studio3 wireless headphones feature active noise cancellation, 22 hours of battery life, and the W1 chip for easy connection to your Apple devices.

The biggest selling point of the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones is the active noise cancellation, which lets you tune everything else out while focusing entirely on your tunes. Enjoy music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, or a game without having to crank the volume to drown out your surroundings.

How long can you enjoy all of that content before needing to charge your headphones? A long time, actually. The headphones feature 22 hours of battery life when using active noise cancellation and a wopping 40 hours of battery life when the feature is turned off. If things get dire, plugging them in for just 10 minutes will kick in Fast Fuel and get you another 3 hours of listening time.

Beats Studio3 headphones on headSource: iMore

All of these features, while great on their own, are made even better by the fact that these headphones pack in the W1 chip. The processor makes it easy to pair your headphones, and switch the connection between, all of your Apple devices. This also enables them to support Audio Sharing, which lets you share audio from your iPhone or iPad between two sets of headphones.

If the Beats Studio3 headphones aren't for you and your hunt for a great set of over-the-ear headphones continues, check out our list of the Best Headphones for Plane Travel in 2020 for some stellar options. Want to find out what other kinds of deals are going on with everything Apple? Check out our list of the Best Apple Black Friday deals.

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