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Best Air Quality Monitors for Allergy Sufferers iMore 2020

Allergies are brutal at any time of year, but when you're stuck inside, your whole immune system seems to go haywire. With more of us working from home right now, we could all use some help. By keeping tabs on the air quality inside your home, you can cut down on prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and improve your quality of life. The air quality monitor I stake my health on is the Await 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor. It's sleek enough to blend into your decor and smart enough to give you real-time results. There are hundreds of monitors out there to track the air quality of your surroundings. Which is best? Here are our top five picks this year.

Best Overall: Awair 2nd Edition

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor LifestyleSource: Awair

It looks like the throwback radio from the 1950s your grandparents had on their end table, but it's the high-functioning air quality control monitor you'll wonder how you ever lived without. By today's standards, the Awair 2nd Edition is still cool enough to blend in with your decor and other items around your house, plus it's packed with technology to help you identify allergens and put an end to sniffles and stuffy heads.

The Awair 2nd Edition tracks the fine dust that lingers in the air that most of us never see. It also sniffs out chemicals and CO2 and reports current humidity and temperature levels. Information displays in real-time on an LED panel on the front of the rectangular monitor. The onboard display shows a colored LED indicative of air quality, while white LEDs breakdown the levels of each measurement.

The 2nd Edition from Awair contains all-natural materials, including a 100% North American Walnut timber exterior. Really, it's beautiful! Connect the air quality monitor to your smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth for actionable insights and tips to help improve your indoor air quality and curb the sniffling and sneezing that comes with allergy season and invisible dust in your environment. The Awair is on the pricey side, but we think it's worth it. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Nest, and other smart home devices. The Awair 2nd Edition has a cool old school look and lots of new tech to help you breathe easier year-round.


  • Fits any decor
  • LEDs give you real-time reports
  • Free app available
  • Connects with your smart home devices
  • Measures dust, CO2, VO2s, humidity, and temperature


  • The price

Best Overall

Awair 2nd Edition

Beautiful in form and function

The sleek Awair keeps tabs on dust, toxins, humidity, and the current temp and tells you how to improve air quality.

Best Value: Temtop P10

Temtop P10 LifestyleSource: Temtop

When you don't care whether your air quality monitor syncs with your phone or connects to your smart home, the Temtop P10 is the best deal going. The uncomplicated P10 resembles a small alarm clock and looks at place on a desk, table, or bookshelf.

The P10 from Temtop measures particulates and gaseous pollutants, showing results front and center on a brightly lit LCD that's readable from across the room. The results are put on display in real-time, and they're every bit as accurate as more expensive air quality monitors. The only thing missing is app connectivity and Wi-Fi.

There's a rechargeable battery inside the small P10. It runs up to six hours on a full-cycle charge. Because of the short battery life, this is something you can't run all day long. Thankfully, flipping the switch to on a few times a day during allergy season is enough to alert you of dust buildup or harmful gasses so that you can address problems quickly. If you want a solidly built air quality monitor that's easy to use and doesn't cost a fortune, this is it.


  • Accurate readings
  • Bright LCD
  • Small in size
  • Rechargeable battery


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Battery life is only six hours

Best Value

Temtop P10

Simple and reliable

The P10 may not sync with your phone or smart home, but it's every bit as reliable as pricier air quality monitors.

Best HomeKit-Enabled Monitor: Eve Room

Eve Room LifestyleSource: Eve

The Eve Room is an indoor air quality monitor that gives you at-a-glance details. You'll get readouts of the air quality, temperature, and humidity of any room inside your home. Eve Room is compact and well-made, crafted of shiny silver aluminum that looks as good as it works.

With the Eve Room, you can measure the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in any room, the temperature, and the humidity level, all of which are reported on a high-contrast e-ink display that is viewable from any angle. Compare today's data with measurements and conditions recorded yesterday, last month, or even last year.

Eve Room can be coupled with connected smart appliances, like humidifiers, to make automatic indoor climate changes. It also pairs seamless with HomeKit, distills data into easily understandable graphs, and correlates trends with happenings in your home. If air quality improves when you open a room, Eve Room will let you know that. Eve Room is not compatible with Android, which is its only downfall. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads, connecting through Bluetooth. The built-in battery is rechargeable and holds power for an impressive six weeks.


  • e-ink display easy to read
  • Records data for years for comparison
  • Works seamlessly with HomeKit
  • Tracks VOCs, temp, and humidity
  • Battery holds a charge for six weeks


  • Only works with Apple devices

Best HomeKit-Enabled Monitor

Eve Room

The best monitor for Apple fans

Eve Room lets you know what's up with your indoor air on an e-ink display. It's compatible with all Apple devices.

Best Indoor and Outdoor Monitor: IQAir AirVisual Pro

Iqair Airvisual Pro Lifestyle IiSource: IQAir

When allergy season hits, it's just as important to monitor the outside air quality as it is to improve what's happening inside your living space. Professional-grade laser sensors inside the AirVisual Pro from IQAir work together to give you an exact look at the air you breathe.

Unique to this model, a built-in alarm system that alerts you when dangerous CO2 levels are detected. The IQAir has a bright display that gives you up-to-the-second results. Quickly see the indoor temperature and humidity, indoor air pollutant level, and outdoor air quality. This model works with IFTTT and, based on certain perimeters, can notify you of any changes as they happen.

The data collected from the IQAir is downloadable to your phone, tablet, or computer, and helps you to track trends, weather patterns, and other information easily. AirVisual Pro is expensive; there's no doubt about it. It is precise, though, and it gives you a few extras, like the outdoor air quality measurements, that other monitors don't. If you want to know what's happening inside and out, you can't go wrong with the IQAir.


  • Accurate readings inside and outside
  • CO2 alarm
  • IFTTT integration
  • Displays weather forecast
  • Downloadable data


  • Expensive

Best Indoor and Outdoor Monitor

IQAir AirVisual Pro

Get all the bells and whistles

The IQAir gives you accurate indoor and outdoor readings, as well as forecasts and air quality alerts.

Best Portability: Huma-i HI-150

Huma I Hi150 LifestyleSource: Huma-i

The Huma-i HI-150 offers all the portability of a small device and all the essential features of larger air quality monitors. This tiny unit can go with you from room to room, or even outside. Are you going on vacation? Take this monitor inside your hotel room and get vital information to keep your allergies at bay.

The HI-150 gives real-time stats. You'll see VOCs, CO2 levels, particle matter, plus the current temperature and humidity in your surroundings. A built-in fan draws in ambient air to give you the most reliable results no matter where you are.

The HI-150 is durable and small enough to take with you on the go or leave on a shelf in the baby's nursery. A bright screen outputs instant readouts, and the unit automatically shuts itself off after 10-minutes. Though highly accurate, the auto-shutoff isn't always helpful. When outdoors, for example, it can take more than a few minutes to collect data, which doesn't leave you much time to cycle through the results. Still, we find the HI-150 to be accurate and highly portable, making it the perfect choice for travelers.


  • Measures air quality inside and outside
  • Small enough to travel
  • Accurate


  • Auto-shutoff time too short

Best Portability

Huma-i HI-150

A tiny monitor that goes anywhere

The itty bitty Huma is perfect for hotel rooms, nurseries, or the back patio. Results are easy to read and accurate.

Bottom line

As a seasonal allergy sufferer and asthmatic, I appreciate everything about my favorite air quality monitor, the Awair 2nd Edition. Looks aren't everything, I know, but I love that the Awair blends into my home without looking like an ugly and out of place medical device.

A front-facing LED panel displays essential data in real-time. You'll stay abreast of the current temperature, humidity level, dust in the air, as well as harmful chemicals and gasses. Light-up LEDs alert you of concerning air quality levels, and Awair's free app hands out motherly advice on how to best improve the air quality inside your home. You can put as many Awair units inside your home as you like and let the Awair app track them all.

It's on the pricey side, but we think it's worth it. The Awair 2nd Edition connects with other smart products you already own, including Alexa and Google Home. When you want peace of mind and cleaner air, the Awair 2nd Edition can give you just that. Paired with Awair's air cleaners, you'll have the cleanest air on the block and keep your allergies at bay.

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