Until a few weeks ago, I honestly didn't know smart air quality monitors were a thing, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. So much so, that I delved deep into their world to learn more about them, as quite the allergy sufferer myself (not to brag or anything, but I'm allergic to a lot).

These are the best smart air quality monitors for your home, whether you're allergic to all the things, have a newborn, or simply value clean air.

Awair Glow

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I received the Awair Glow for a review a few weeks ago and went head-long into using it to its fullest, and I'm happy to stay I'm still absolutely loving it. The Glow is Google Home- and Amazon Echo-compatible and doubles as a smart plug so you can plug in dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air conditioners (or lamps or whatever) and actually schedule them within the app. This is incredibly handy because it syncs with Awair's air quality criteria, so if, for instance, the humidity drops below 30%, you can tell the app to trigger the humidifier at that point.

Awair's app is elegantly designed, easy to navigate, and offers helpful and valuable information, like the air quality trends in your home over time, your "Awair score" (an air quality score based on Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and chemicals in the air), as well as helpful tips for improving your air quality. Mine told me to up the humidity for my allergies, so we went and bought a humidifier. Lo and behold, I now find myself sniffling a lot less and my nose isn't cracked and bleeding all the time (I had never considered humidity relating to allergies before).

What I also love about Awair's app is the ability to switch your air quality preferences between General, Allergy, Sleep, Productivity, and Baby, so you can optimize your air quality depending on your needs and preferences. At roughly $125, the Awair Glow is the perfect entry point to home air quality management. The fact that it also has a wonderful night light built in is just icing on the cake.

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Dylos DC1100 Pro

As the name would suggest, the Dylos DC1100 means business in a big way. This isn't a smart air quality monitor, but it might just be the most intense of the bunch and should be considered by those with severe allergies (and/or bubble boys). This unit has an LCD screen to give you all your readings and is so sensitive it can pick up smog, detecting particles to half a micron (that's one millionth of a meter in size).

You'll get small and large particle counts on the screen in the form of a bar graph, and you can get daily, hourly, or by-the-minute readings. If you're serious about your air quality, then this is absolutely the monitor for you, though its price does reflect the technology that's gone into it (roughly $260).

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Awair air quality monitor

Awair's other air quality monitor is a larger, self-contained unit that looks more like a radio from the '50s. It's simple LED display has a colored LED for your Awair score, and white lights for the score and the levels of each measurements. It really is an understated thing of beauty and is perfect for folks who love the Apple aesthetic. Sadly, it's only compatible with Nest products and Amazon Echo, so HomeKit and Google Home users get left out (but Home users will love the Glow).

This Awair monitor uses the same app as the Glow and offers the same readings and suggestions for improving your air quality. You will, however, also get a measurement of dust in the air, helping to paint a better overall picture of your home's air quality. So if you're severely allergic to dust, I'd go with this one over the glow. It's starts around $165 on Amazon, but it's accurate, good-looking, and uses that awesome Awair app, so for my money, it's worth it. Comes in brown, green (Ocean, $199), or pink (Baby Rose, $199).

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Elgato Eve Room

Elgato's Eve Room sensor is a HomeKit-enabled indoor sensor that monitors your indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality, just like Awair's monitors. For $80, however, you certainly get a price break. It'll give you daily, monthly, and yearly breakdowns of your home's air quality and provide with readings, including VOCs.

The Eve Room can operate between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 130 degrees and takes three AA batteries. The Eve Room is fully integrated with HomeKit, so you can use it in scenes to trigger humidifiers before bed, heaters during the day, or any other smart environmental devices (or really any other HomeKit-enabled devices) you have around your home. The Eve app gives you visual insight into your air quality via graphs and other readings, and you can choose to monitor your air quality based on various categories.

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AZ Instruments wall-mountable indoor air quality monitor

AZ Instruments' monitor is another highly functional and accurate monitor, much like the Dylos selection on this list. It'll measure the carbon dioxide in your air (from 0 to 2000 ppm), temperature (from about 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 140), and humidity. All the controls and readings appear on the digital watch-like screen and in the button on the unit itself. It's kind of reminiscent of a device Doc Brown might use, so it may not fit everyone's aesthetic, but if you're looking for a great solution for your greenhouse, or you're very sensitive to humidity and temperature, then check it out. Carbon dioxide is no good for productivity, as high levels cause fatigue, so if you're anywhere lots of CO2 is produced, this monitor is perfect.

It's about $140 on Amazon.

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