Best Apple Watch bands to gift on Mother's day

Mother's Day is a great excuse to give the gift of style — Apple Watch band style! Forget flowers or candy, breakfast or dinner, Apple Watch bands add class and fun both on Mother's day and every day thereafter. Apple has some great options, Hermès have just become available separately, but there are also plenty of third-party alternatives worth considering as well. Check out some of these attractive Apple Watch bands that may just be the perfect surprise to wrap up your special day.

Milanese Loop

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The Milanese Loop features a stainless steel mesh that wraps around your wrist and is completely magnetic, making it easily and infinitely adjustable. The classy design of the Milanese Loop makes the Apple Watch truly pop and leaves the traditional buckle design behind. And now it's also available in Space Black with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish.

Apple's Milanese Loop retails for $149 for silver or $199 for black, but if you're after a more affordable alternative, JETech's version features a similar design at just $23.

Classic Buckle

Apple's Classic Buckle sports new calf leather that's designed to age naturally over time. The opposite side of the band provides a nice two-tone appearance while the stainless steel buckle adds easy adjustments with a series of holes for a tighter or looser fit. Spring has also brought all-new colors, including marigold, blue jay, and red.

The Classic Buckle retails for $149 at the Apple Store. The top-grain leather buckle from eLander is a legit alternative that goes for just $25 on Amazon.

Hermès Double Tour

The Double Tour from Hermès is one of the most luxurious bands offered for Apple Watch. A partnership with the classic French fashion house, it features the highest quality leather in an iconic design. It's towards the highest end of the price spectrum, of course, but if it's always been on the dream list, it could be the gift of a lifetime.

It retails for $490 from Apple. Not ready to spring for that? There's also a Kartice on Amazon for #37.

Crafted from a durable stainless steel alloy, Apple's Link Bracelet has been precisely machined with over 100 components. It features a butterfly closure that folds nicely within the bracelet and each link has a special quick-release button that allows you to adjust its size.

The Link Bracelet goes for a $449 for silver or $549 for black at Apple's Store. MoKo makes a link bracelet that looks nearly identical but only runs for $90 and includes a tool for adjusting length.

Sport Band

This soft Apple Watch band is made from a high-performance fluoroelastomer that's as strong as it is comfortable around the wrist. Instead of the traditional buckle it uses an innovative pin-and-tuck closure that's much cleaner looking. Apple's (Product) Red band is the gift that gives back, where a portion of the proceeds go to the Global fund to fight against AIDS in Africa. If Apple's $49 sport band doesn't meet your Valentine's Day budget, try MoKo's $15 fitness band instead with similar features.

Jisoncase Alligator Leather Band

Made from an Alligator grain leather, this unique Apple Watch band from Jisoncase uses durable metal attachments on each end to connect to the watch. While the band feels a bit stiff compared to traditional grain leather, its polished finish adds a whole new luxurious look to the Apple Watch. The metal clasp provides a convenient adjustment around the wrist with two straps to tuck any extra length underneath.

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