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Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands for 44mm in 2022

Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4 (Image credit: iMore)

Do you know what's better than having an Apple Watch Series 4 in 44mm? Having a ton of awesome bands that you can use to mix and match your style every single day! From the office to the snazzy dinner date, there are so many options to fit out that gorgeous watch. Here are the best Apple Watch Series 4 bands for 44mm available right now.

The clock is ticking

Finding the ideal Apple Watch band for your 44mm Series 4 can be tough, but there are always more and more options that are released every day! Like just yesterday, we stumbled upon the Fullmosa Leather Band Replacement (opens in new tab) and instantly fell in love with it!

Another one that we love is the fun, albeit, women's option is the Smatiful Stainless Steel Gunmetal Fancy Band (opens in new tab). This is perfect when you want the Apple Watch to look a lot more toned down and like a cute bracelet. There are so many options and so many colors within those options. In this article, we loved each watch band that we posted after sifting through the many options to provide only the best for you! Anyways, enough about us: good luck shopping for your own Apple Watch Series 4 bands!

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