Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands for 44mm iMore 2022

Do you know what's better than having an Apple Watch Series 4 in 44mm? Having a ton of awesome bands that you can use to mix and match your style every single day! From the office to the snazzy dinner date, there are so many options to fit out that gorgeous watch. Here are the best Apple Watch Series 4 bands for 44mm available right now.


La-la-la-leather: Fullmosa Leather Band Replacement

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If you're fully on-board for an Apple Watch band that'll have you drooling over all things leather, then take a gander at the Fullmosa Leather Band Replacement. This super-soft leather band is ultra-comfortable for day-to-day wear, while the stainless steel buckle makes adjusting and securing your Apple Watch as simple as pie.

$12 at Amazon

On the run? Grab some silicone!: UMAXGET Soft Silicone Breathable Sport Band

Whether you're someone who's always on the run or someone who is always running (you know, like a workout?), then having a soft silicone band that's super comfortable like the UMAXGET Soft Silicone Breathable Sport Band is worthwhile. This particular replacement strap can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes, while the dual locking 2-pin design ensures your Apple Watch will never slip off.

$12 at Amazon
Southern Straps leather

Look at that leather!: Southern Straps Handcrafted Leather Band

Handcrafted in San Francisco, this impressive band is made from a single piece of full-grain Italian leather, which hasn't been sanded, buffed, or snuffed. It's been vegetable-dyed without the use of harmful chemicals. Look for it in brown and black.

$100 at Amazon

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Nylon!: Carterjett Nylon NATO Sport Canvas Strap

A lot of people want the most comfortable type of strap available, so they opt for leather or silicone, but did you know that a canvas strap is a great alternative? That's why we want you to take a peek at the Carterjett Nylon NATO Sport Canvas Strap! This band is made from a breathable, soft, water-resistant, and super flexible nylon that's tough yet comfy on your wrist, making it ideal for day-to-day wear.

$22 at Amazon

Valued leather: Erwubala Sport Watch Band

This leather band is functional, classy, and affordable. Both men and women all claim to be shocked at the quality, especially for the price.

From $12 at Amazon

Sweating sweet n' easy: Catalyst Sports Band

Sweat in style with this beautifully designed Catalyst Sports Band. This band is ideal for working out, going for a jog, or taking a dip in the pool because of its water-resistant silicone and easy-to-clean design. The silicone is super flexible and lightweight, but it's also durable and ready to help you get your workout on.

$20 at Amazon

From watch band to jewelry: Smatiful Stainless Steel Gunmetal Fancy Band

Maybe you're someone who likes the look of a classic watch band, or perhaps you're someone who wants to stand out from the crowd with some help from the Smatiful Stainless Steel Gunmetal Fancy Band. This Apple Watch band replacement is made from full-grain leather and can fit a variety of wrist sizes. It's easy to install and uninstall, so if you're switching from a sports band over to your Smatiful Stainless Steel Gunmetal Fancy Band, you need not stress.

$20 at Amazon

So. Many. Colors.: IYOU Sport Band

This silicone band is durable and affordable. Also, they come in so many different colors so you can coordinate with any outfit or mood. At the low price, you could get more than one, and it's an ideal band for almost any occasion. There are also packs available for added savings.

From $5 at Amazon

That vintage leather look: top4cus Genuine Leather Strap

Get that super classic, super classy, super stylish leather look without breaking the bank with the help of the top4cus Genuine Leather Strap. This replacement band works perfectly with your Apple Watch Series 4 and is easy to adjust depending on your wrist size. The band itself is made from top-grain leather, meaning it's not ideal as a workout buddy. If there are any issues with your top4cus Genuine Leather Strap, you can hit up the brand's 1-year warranty for any help.

$13 at Amazon

Durable, dependable, reliable: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Protective Case

There are bands and accessories out there that are good for people who accidentally break are smash their tech from time-to-time (as we all do), and then there are cases like the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Protective Case. This super durable, super rugged, super everything case is designed to keep your Apple Watch Series 4 safe from everything the outside world has to throw at it.

$20 at Amazon

The clock is ticking

Finding the ideal Apple Watch band for your 44mm Series 4 can be tough, but there are always more and more options that are released every day! Like just yesterday, we stumbled upon the Fullmosa Leather Band Replacement and instantly fell in love with it!

Another one that we love is the fun, albeit, women's option is the Smatiful Stainless Steel Gunmetal Fancy Band. This is perfect when you want the Apple Watch to look a lot more toned down and like a cute bracelet. There are so many options and so many colors within those options. In this article, we loved each watch band that we posted after sifting through the many options to provide only the best for you! Anyways, enough about us: good luck shopping for your own Apple Watch Series 4 bands!

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