Best Bands to Beautify your Apple Watch iMore 2019

I wasn't very excited about Apple Watch when it was first released because I felt it wouldn't go with my feminine style. But there are plenty of pretty bands out there if you know where to look. I've built up a wardrobe of ladylike Apple Watch bands that beautify my Apple Watch, and you can too.

Vegan leather: Casetify Saffiano Leather Band

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Casetify is known for its gorgeous custom accessories at reasonable prices, and its Apple Watch bands are no exception. This one is made from vegan leather, which means it's durable and comfortable. Choose from a number of colorful patterns and both watch sizes.

$41 at Amazon

Apple quality: Apple Sport Band

I own a number of knock-off sport bands that look and work just fine, but there is no substitute for the quality and feel of the original Apple Sport Bands. The colors change from season to season but you can usually find at least one to suit your taste.

$49 at Apple

Designer band: Coach Apple Watch Strap with Tea Rose

Coach is well known for its high quality hand-crafted leather products and it's finally ventured into the third-party Apple Watch band market with some truly unusual designs. I'm partial to the Tea Rose design. If it's not to your taste, Coach also has a variety of simple, attractive prints as well as adorable but edgy dinosaur and shark designs.

$175 at Coach

Dressy looks: Fastgo Stretch Faux Pearl Bracelet

Pretty pearl beads adorn this stretchy bracelet-style Apple Watch band. Fastgo's band makes your Apple Watch feel more like jewelry and it dresses up your device so you could wear it at a formal outing if you want. It comes in white, pink, and black and both Apple Watch sizes.

From $18 at Amazon

Stylish links: V-MORE Resin Strap

This is a creative and fun look; it's dressy and feminine but solid. The band is lightweight and water resistant so it's great for every day or for dressing up. Choose from a variety of colors and both Apple Watch sizes.

From $20 at Amazon

Delicate jewelry: Biaoge Metal Band

If you don't like the thick look that most Apple Watch bands have, this delicate chain is sturdy enough for the Apple Watch but maintains a delicate airy look. It comes in all the different Apple Watch metals and both sizes.

From $27 at Amazon

Colorful leather: WFEAGL iWatch Band

This full-grain leather Apple Watch band mimics the look of Apple's Classic Buckle but it costs much less and offers many, many more color options. It also comes in both watch sizes.

$19 at Amazon

On-trend patterns: Lwsengme Apple Watch Band

Animal prints are hot right now and you can definitely pick some up here, but if that's not your style, there are plenty of other fun prints to choose from. This silicone band comes in both watch sizes.

$12 at Amazon

Turquoise cuff: Fastgo Bohemian Apple Watch Band

If you're looking for something totally different, this turquoise style cuff might fit the bill. Choose between either the 38mm/40mm or the 40mm/42mm Apple Watch size.

$24 at Amazon

Sporty style: Haveda Sport Bands

This breathable band comes in lots of feminine colors and both watch sizes, making it perfect for any occasion. They are low-priced to start, but you can save even more by buying a three-pack.

From $10 at Amazon

A little bling: SWEES Leather Band

Add a little sparkle to your wrist with this SWEES leather Apple Watch band. It comes in plenty of color options, including many shades of glitter, and is made of premium leather, ensuring a comfortable fit.

$13 at Amazon

A lot of bling: Secbolt Bling Bands

If a little sparkle isn't enough, go full rhinestone with this band. It's an adjustable link band that comes in every metal color the Apple Watch comes in. You can get one for both sizes of the Apple Watch.

From $20 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

I have the Casetify Saffiano Leather Band on heavy rotation in my own collection. It suits my personal style, which ranges between athleisure and business casual depending on my activities for the day.

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If you work in an office or similar environment, the V-MORE Resin Strap would also be a great choice; it's on the dressier side but still durable enough for daily wear.

For more formal occasions, the Fastgo Stretch Faux Pearl Bracelet is a gorgeous choice, as it really dresses up the Apple Watch and elevates beyond your average fitness tracker. And of course, you can never go wrong with an attractive leather band. WFEAGL iWatch Band is great for a classic look.

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