Best Bands for Your Stainless Steel Apple Watch iMore 2022

So, you've splurged on the stainless steel and sapphire Apple Watch. I did so myself, and I love the look and versatility, not to mention the durability. You don't want to put just any Apple Watch band on this beauty, right? You've got to keep it classy, whether you're dressing the watch up or down. You also want the band's hardware to match the shiny silver case. Here are some of the best bands for the stainless steel Apple Watch.

Classy perfection: Apple Milanese Loop

Staff Favorite

The Milanese Loop is my personal favorite of Apple's offerings. It looks impressive and suits the stainless steel watch perfectly. This band goes with everything, as it can be dressed up or down.

Waailu Apple Watch Band Milanese Loop Style Render Cropped

Milanese Loop alternative: WAAILU Stainless Steel Mesh Band

While there's no question that Apple's Milanese Loop is top-notch quality, it's also pricey. There are several "good enough" knock-offs out there for a tiny fraction of the price. I own a few of them myself in different colors and wear them in regular rotation. This one comes in lots of colors and every Apple Watch size.

$16 at Amazon
WFEAGL watch band

Tapered elegance: WFEAGL Leather Band

WFEAGL's Leather Band tapers away from the watch face for a more delicate look. The Apple Watch is pretty chunky on a small wrist like mine, but the way this band tapers into a slender band is quite pleasing to my eye. Choose from tons of colors; at this point, you can pick up several for different outfits.

$17 at Amazon

Quality and price: Clockwork Synergy 2-piece classic NATO

The 2-piece classic NATO band from Clockwork Synergy is an inexpensive, casual, sporty Apple Watch band. There are many different color combos, from fun looks like rainbow or American flags to more sober black and gray striping. Clockwork Synergy bands are the best intersection of price and quality.

CASETiFY Apple Watch Band

Show your personality: CASETiFY Apple Watch Band

CASETiFY offers endless options for an Apple Watch band that truly shows off your style. Choose your size, hardware color, and any design you can think of for your actual band. These bands are so much fun; I dare you to choose just one.

TRUMiRR Apple Watch band

Zen style: TRUMiRR Apple Watch Band

This unusual band from TRUMiRR features resin with stainless steel hardware. The polished resin is lightweight and water-resistant but still looks dressy enough for business or formal occasions.

$22 at Amazon
Nomad Steel Band for Apple Watch

Fine elegance: Nomad Steel Band

Nomad does an excellent job combining rugged durability with refined style here. Just for the larger 42/44mm Apple Watch, this high-grade stainless steel band is the epitome of elegance.

Exotic wood: Ottm Apple Watch band

If you want something completely different, this dazzling real wood Apple Watch band is sure to please. The juxtaposition of warm, natural wood and the high-tech watch itself is unexpected and cool.

$40 at Amazon

Top leather for less: Clockwork Synergy Dapper Collection

If you love the look and feel of high-quality leather but don't want to pay a premium price, you want a Dapper Collection band from Clockwork Synergy. There are a variety of leather colors, both sizes, and several different hardware metal choices. I have a couple of these and wear them in regular rotation. Plus, they look great with my work wardrobe.

Trendy style: Fastgo Bracelet Apple Watch Band

For a completely different look, check out this bracelet-style band from Fastgo. It doesn't even look like an Apple Watch band; it looks like a trendy bangle bracelet, and it comes in several colors. This would be a fun, feminine addition to any collection.

$17 at Amazon
ImmSss Apple Watch Band

Classic style: ImmSss Apple Watch Band

If you like the look of a classic metal link watch band, this is an excellent dressier option. It comes in a variety of colors and both sizes, so you're covered no matter which stainless steel Apple Watch you own.

$18 at Amazon
Goldenerre Crystal Pave Link Band For Apple Watch Render Cropped

Upscale bling: Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band

If you want to make a statement, check out this classy sparkler from Goldenerre. Elevate your Apple Watch to a dressy, elegant timepiece with this crystal-studded bracelet-style band. It comes in several colors and both Apple Watch sizes.

Our top picks

You can't go wrong with any of these bands; they're all great options to keep your stainless steel Apple Watch looking fine. Apple's original Milanese Loop is my favorite overall band. It's stylish without being trendy; it looks just as good with athleisure wear as it does with formal wear. It's a genuinely unisex band that looks amazing on everyone.

If you're not interested in the Milanese style, the bands that I recommend to all of my friends and family are anything from Clockwork Synergy. They are excellent quality bands at the lowest price that I have found. The adapters that Clockwork Synergy uses are the best quality; they slide on and off like butter but lock securely into place. You can find a massive selection of styles on their site.

For something dressier, consider the Goldenerre Crystal Pavé Link Band. This gorgeous band is the one I'll be wearing to my daughter's wedding.

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