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You've got the amazing AirPods 3 and probably want to keep them around for a long time. Well, you're going to need a sturdy case for that! Whether you want extra protection, more color/design options, or a way to attach your third-generation AirPods to your bag, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best cases for your AirPods 3.

Esr Magnetic Case Airpods 3 Render Cropped

Best overall: ESR Magnetic Case for AirPods 3

Staff Pick

This shock-absorbing silicone case gives your AirPods 3 complete coverage while maintaining MagSafe compatibility. A cutout for the LED light lets you keep track of your charging status. It comes with an attached carabiner clip for added convenience on the go. Choose blue or black.

From $14 at Amazon
Nomad Case Airpods 3 Render Cropped

Luxurious: NOMAD Modern Leather Case for AirPods 3

Encase your AirPods 3 in sumptuous vegetable-tanned Horween leather that develops a warm patina over time. The two-piece design and optical light pipe for the LED indicator mean that functionality isn't impeded. The case has a lanyard attachment point in case you want to add a wrist strap. Choose from three colors.

From $28 at NOMAD
Elago Aw5 Airpods 3 Case Render Cropped

Gamer's choice: elago AW5 AirPods 3 Case

How fun is this? The elago AW5 AirPods 3 Case resembles a favorite retro hand-held gaming device. You can still see the LED charging light and charge your AirPods wirelessly within the case. Choose from three different color options: light grey, black, and Sand Pink.

From $14 at Amazon
Gogosodu Airpod 3 Case Render Cropped

What's your sign?: GOGOSODU AirPods 3 Case

If you're into horoscopes, you'll want to check out this AirPods 3 case. This sturdy case has a picture of your sign on the front and your sign's name and constellation on the back. Wireless charging isn't affected. Choose from all 12 horoscope signs.

From $16 at Amazon
Snblk Airpods 3 Case Render Cropped

Colorful choices: SNBLK AirPods 3 Case

Get drop protection with this premium silicone case that's three millimeters thick and comes in tons of colors. It's soft, scratch-resistant, and washable. The LED light remains visible, and wireless charging will still work fine within the case.

From $7 at Amazon
Spigen Tough Armor Airpods 3 Case Render Cropped

Tough choice: Spigen Tough Armor for AirPods 3

Get a little more protection with this tough armor case from Spigen. Extreme impact foam dissipates shocks for internal protection, and the lines on the front help improve grip to prevent drops in the first place. The case lets you charge wirelessly, and the LED charging indicator light is fully visible. Choose from several colorways.

$20 at Amazon
Mobosi Airpods 3 Case Render Cropped

Rugged: MOBOSI AirPods 3 Case

The anti-slip design and military-grade drop protection mean peace of mind. The case doesn't interfere with wireless charging, and the LED charging light is fully visible. The case comes in three colors, each with a matching carabiner clip: blue, black, green, and purple.

From $14 at Amazon
Gviewin Airpods 3 Case Render Cropped

Glam: GVIEWIN AirPods 3rd Generation Case

Give your AirPods 3 a decidedly glamorous look with this marble-inspired case that comes in several colors. The metal trim glams it up even more. The shock-resistant body and included wrist strap add protection and convenience. Wireless charging will still work with this case on.

From $14 at Amazon
Vrs Modern Case For Airpods 3 Render Cropped

Stony exterior: VRS Modern Case for AirPods 3

This case has a uniquely modern stone look. However, the case is actually made from PC (polycarbonate) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The LED light is showcased, and wireless charging will still work on your AirPods 3 within this case. The attached wrist strap adds another interesting design element.

$19 at Amazon
Elago Ice Cream Case Blueberry Airpods 3 Render Cropped

Yummy: elago Ice Cream Case for AirPods 3

This adorable novelty case looks like a tiny ice cream bar with sprinkles that come in several mouth-watering "flavors." The durable premium silicone case supports wireless charging, and a small carabiner clip is attached to the stick.

From $14 at Amazon
Restone Case For Airpods 3 Render Cropped

Clear bargain: RESTONE Case for AirPods 3

If you're looking for protection but not really looking to change up the look of your AirPods 3, check out this totally clear design from RESTONE. The microdot texture prevents the wet look, and the round, gold-tone ring sets it apart. It also comes in several colorful, clear tints.

$9 at Amazon
Spigen Urban Fit Airpods 3 Case

Sophisticated: Spigen Urban Fit AirPods 3 Case

The PC and fabric design gives your AirPods 3 a more sophisticated air while also protecting them from drops and bumps. A soft microfiber interior protects from scratches and you have a few color options. Wireless charging still works, and the LED light is fully visible within the case.

$30 at Amazon

Which of the best cases for AirPods 3 should you get?

When deciding on a case, think about which features matter the most for you. Are you looking for a simple skin to add some panache and protect the AirPods 3 case from scratches? Do you want more drop protection? Do you need a lanyard attachment point or carabiner clip for taking your AirPods on the go? Do you want to be able to use the MagSafe charging feature?

We like the ESR Magnetic Case for AirPods 3. It's a basic case that covers all the bases. It comes in a couple of colors, and it doesn't impede the functionality of the AirPods in any way, including MagSafe charging. Speaking of MagSafe charging, don't forget to pick up one of the best MagSafe chargers if you don't have one already.

For pure sophistication, you can't go wrong with premium leather NOMAD products. The vegetable-tanned American Horween leather will develop a patina over time that makes it uniquely yours.

The elago cases aren't what I'd call sophisticated, but they are a lot of fun. In addition to the gaming console and ice cream designs shown here, elago also makes other adorable techie and foodie designs worth checking out if you're into that.

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