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Best Clear Cases for iPod touch 7 in 2022

iPod touch cases
iPod touch cases (Image credit: Amazon)

Do you love your iPod touch 7 for all your music, media, and mobile gaming needs? Then you'll want to keep it protected. But what about those gorgeous colors that the device comes in? You bought a colorful iPod touch 7 to show it off to the world, so you don't want to cover it with a case. Luckily, there are some great clear case options to showcase your iPod's gorgeous color and keep it protected at the same time. Here are our top choices.

Here are some suggestions

Clear cases are great for showing off your device, no matter what color you opted for. Why hide the beauty? Our personal favorite is the ULAK Soft Clear Case (opens in new tab) because the raised corners help ensure that your device doesn't get scuffed up in a drop.

The ULAK Soft Clear Case with Screen Protectors (opens in new tab) is also a great value if you want to make sure that the screen is also kept in pristine condition, thanks to the bundled screen protectors that are included.

If you prefer hard shell cases that snap on, then the Insten Snap-On Crystal Clear Hard Case (opens in new tab) is a good option. It's easy to install and take apart if need be for cleaning or switching out, and it is durable and protective.

If you want to embrace your inner bling, then the MYTURTLE Glitter Quicksand Case (opens in new tab) is a good pick, because of the huge variety of glitter color options, and it comes with a stylus and screen protectors.