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Do you love your iPod touch 7 for all your music, media, and mobile gaming needs? Then you'll want to keep it protected. But what about those gorgeous colors that the device comes in? You bought a colorful iPod touch 7 to show it off to the world, so you don't want to cover it with a case. Luckily, there are some great clear case options to showcase your iPod's gorgeous color and keep it protected at the same time. Here are our top choices.

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Clear quality: ULAK Soft Clear Slim Case

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This simple case is made of a soft and flexible TPU material, so it's easy to get on your iPod touch 7, and off when you need to give your iPod a clean. It boasts a scratch-resistant finish. It has raised rear corners to ensure extra protection when dropped, and it adds minimal bulk overall. Plus, you can't beat the price.

$8 at Amazon
iPod touch case

Great value: ULAK Soft Clear Case with Screen Protectors

If you need extra protection, then check out this set from ULAK. It comes with the soft and flexible TPU clear case that we mentioned earlier, but it also comes with two screen protectors. It's a fantastic value and will make sure your iPod touch 7 is completely protected, both front and back.

Leyi Ipod Case

Sparkly fun: LeYi Shiny Glitter Quicksand Case

If you love shiny things, this case is perfect. It's clear, but the back has a liquid that is packed with free-flowing glitter and sparkles. Just check out the glitter moving along with your iPod touch! It's tightly sealed, and flexible enough to easily get on and off when needed. Plus, there are different color options.

From $9 at Amazon
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Shiny value: MYTURTLE Glitter Quicksand Case with Stylus and Screen Protector

This is another option for fans of all things shiny and sparkly. It has a ton of different color options with free-flowing glitter quicksand encased in liquid, and it comes with a stylus for your iPod touch 7 and a simple screen protector. Keep your iPod touch protected in shiny style.

$12 at Amazon
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Just the basics: UARMOR Slim Fit Crystal Clear Cover

This slim case from UARMOR provides basic protection for the iPod touch 7. It's made with a high-quality TPU material that is flexible, so it's easy to get it on and off. It adds some grip to your device and allows the color to shine through. It is very basic in terms of protection and does not add too much bulk.

$6 at Amazon
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Crystal clear protection: Ailun Crystal Clear TPU Case

This popular case is also made of a soft and flexible TPU material that means easy installation on your iPod touch 7. It also has raised lips on the front, so your screen is always safe if placed face-down on a flat surface. The cutouts are precise and accurate, with easy access to everything.

$6 at Amazon
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Snap it: Insten Snap On Crystal Clear Hard Case

Not a fan of the many flexible and soft cases? Insten's crystal clear case is two hard shell pieces that you snap together to install. It's still thin, protective, and is reinforced for durability. There are precise cutouts for port access, and the design helps prevent dirt and debris from accumulating while protecting the device.

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Go holo: CAIYUNL Clear iPod Touch Case

These cute cases are clear but feature a holographic foil design on the back to give it a nice touch of personality. The holos are rainbow-colored when the right light hits them, and it makes your iPod touch stand out. The front of the device has a lip to keep the screen safe when placed face-down, and there are precise cutouts for easy access.

$9 at Amazon
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Everything you need: Wisdompro Clear Soft TPU Cover

Wisdompro's clear TPU case is flexible, so getting it on and off is no problem. It's made of flexible, high-quality TPU gel silicone for scratch protection and shielding for minor drops. This set also comes complete with a basic screen protector as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth. It's a pretty decent value and has all of your basics covered.

$5 at Amazon
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Another value pack: IDWELL iPod touch Case with Screen Protectors

IDWELL's iPod touch case is made of TPU, so it's flexible, but it also has a 3H-rated scratch-resistant coating, so fewer scratches will show up on this one. Raised rear corners give it even more protection when placed on flat surfaces, but it's still fairly lightweight. You also get two screen protectors, for ultimate safety.

$8 at Amazon
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Get a little flowery: luolnh Floral Pattern Cover

Flowers are a pretty accent to anything, including your iPod touch 7. This clear and flexible TPU case has a nice floral pattern on the back that is sure to make your iPod touch stand out from the crowd, especially when paired with a complementing color device. It's simple, but still quite protective and grants easy access to everything.

$8 at Amazon

Shockproof protection: ProCase iPod Touch 7 Crystal Hard Case

This practical option offers a very robust solution for your iPod touch 7. The back of the case is made from hard, crystal clear plastic while the edges are made of flexible TPU. This means your iPod's back panel is protected from scratches, and you get shock protection from drops. The raised lips offer your screen protection too.

$9 at Amazon

Here are some suggestions

Clear cases are great for showing off your device, no matter what color you opted for. Why hide the beauty? Our personal favorite is the ULAK Soft Clear Case because the raised corners help ensure that your device doesn't get scuffed up in a drop.

The ULAK Soft Clear Case with Screen Protectors is also a great value if you want to make sure that the screen is also kept in pristine condition, thanks to the bundled screen protectors that are included.

If you prefer hard shell cases that snap on, then the Insten Snap-On Crystal Clear Hard Case is a good option. It's easy to install and take apart if need be for cleaning or switching out, and it is durable and protective.

If you want to embrace your inner bling, then the MYTURTLE Glitter Quicksand Case is a good pick, because of the huge variety of glitter color options, and it comes with a stylus and screen protectors.

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