26 best Halloween wallpapers for iPhone and iPad in 2024

A Halloween wallpaper on an iPhone
(Image credit: Future)

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble, Halloween's coming and I want to a spooky makeover for my iMessage bubbles! If you're getting ready to dress yourself up in your gruesome gothic finery, why not do the same for your Apple devices with our selection of the best Halloween wallpapers for iPhone and iPad?

We've pulled together a bunch of beastly background for your tablet and smartphone, perfect for getting in the holiday spirit and to raise a skeletal smile. And little ones, don't panic — this is a family-friendly selection of weird and wicked wallpapers that are fun for all ages.

No need to cast a spell to reveal our picks — just scroll down to see the best Halloween wallpapers for iPhone and iPad below.

Halloween wallpapers for iPhone

Want to give yourself a shock every time you pull your iPhone out of your pocket? We've cherry picked some cute, creepy and downright ghoulish Halloween wallpapers for your horrific pleasure below. Just click the image to open them in full size and save them to your photo library. Remember, these can be blown up to fit an iPad too — you just might lose some sharpness or parts of the image at a different resolution and aspect ratio.

Not sure what to do next? Here's how to change your wallpaper on iPhone or iPad.

1. Pusheen and Halloween = Spoopy and adorbs

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Pusheen in costumes with pumpkins and candy (Image credit: Pinterest)

2. Chibi peeping pumpkin

Chibi peeping pumpkin (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

3. Happy Haunts materialize

Haunted Mansion pattern (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

4. Do you dare enter this haunted house?

Spider web gate with owl and pumpkins in front of haunted house (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

5. Jack-o-lanterns everywhere

Curvy path lined with jack-o-lanterns to a haunted house (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

6. All hail the Pumpkin King!

Jack Skellington Pumpkin King minimalist glowing smile (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

7. A spooky pattern

Orange pumpkins, ghosts, bats pattern against black background (Image credit: HDWallpapers20)

8. Get your jack-o-lantern on!

Happy jack-o-lantern stacks (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

9. The Rocky Horror Vampire Show

Rocky Horror Show teeth (Image credit: Pinterest)


Ouija board (Image credit: Tumblr)

11. The classic Halloween/Christmas/Nightmare combo

Jack Skellington on hill (Image credit: Pinterest)

12. But first, let me take a scream-fie.

Ghostly selfie (Image credit: Tumblr)

13. Black is in

Black Bat Jack O Lanters Pixelstalk (Image credit: PixelsTalk)

14. Mickey Bats!

Disney Bat Wallpaper Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

15. Mickey is all dressed up for the spooks!

Halloween Mickey 1080x1920 Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

16. Minnie is too, if you prefer the feminine touch.

Halloween Minnie 1080x1920 Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

17. Who doesn't love The Haunted Mansion?

Haunted Mansion Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

18. Amuck!

Hocus Pocus Sarah Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

19. I smell children...

Hocus Pocus Mary Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

20. I put a spell on you!

Hocus Pocus Winnie Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

21. Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween

Mickey Halloween Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

22. You've just crossed over into...the Twilight Zone!

Tower Of Terror Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

Halloween wallpapers for iPad

Looking to get ghoulish on a bigger device? We've put together a selection of horrible, horrific, haunting Halloween wallpapers for iPad below. And remember, just like the iPhone ones above, these can be resized to fit an iPhone, too.

1. Ghosts, pumpkins, mummies, oh my!

Pattern of ghosts, pumpkins, mummies, cats, and Jacks (Image credit: HDWallpaper20)

2. Think Halloween

Think Halloween (Image credit: eWallpapers)

3. A splash of spooky Disney cuteness

Disney Halloween Pumpkins Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

4. Jack and Sally, a perfect match

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Sally Disney Parks Blog (Image credit: Disney Parks Blog)

Your favorite Halloween wallpapers and activities?

These are just some of the best Halloween wallpapers for iPhone that we've found so far. What spooky wallpaper are you donning on your best iPhone right now? Are you going to spend Halloween playing some of the best Halloween games? Or do you have a killer Halloween party planned? Or are you going to be handing out/scarfing down candy by the mouthful while watching the best horror movies?

Let us know your spooky, scary, Halloween plans in the comments below!

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