Halloween is arguably the most magical time of year. I mean sure, Christmas is great and everything, but when else do you get to dress up like a goblin and scream at people for candy? (Note: if you are over the age of 18 and doing this, you might get arrested, but all's fair in love and candy, y'know?)

If you're dressing yourself up this Halloween, it's fair to say that you should also be dressing up your iPhone or iPad with some spooky backgrounds, too!

Here are the best Halloween wallpapers available for your iPhone and iPad!

1. Ghosts and bats and pumpkins, oh my!

2. The Rocky Horror Vampire Show.

3. Pusheen + Halloween = The absolute best thing in the world.

4. Keep it minimal and pumpkin-tastic.


6. The classic Halloween/Christmas/Nightmare combo.

7. Get artsy-fartsy with this stylish, ghostly pattern!

8. Werewolves? Severed hands? The Creature from the Black Lagoon? Skulls? Count me in.

9. Boo 'n' stuff, you know?

10. But first, let me take a scream-fie.

How are you getting in the Halloween spirit?!

Do you have a killer Halloween party planned? Or are you going to be handing out/scarfing down candy by the mouthful while watching horror movies?

Let us know your spooky, scary, Halloween plans in the comments below!