At its September 15 event, Apple unveiled its 2020 iPad Air alongside its upgraded 8th-gen iPad and we're ready to scope out all of the best deals so you can be among the first to pick up the new tablet.

The 4th-generation iPad Air features an all-new design and a ton of new features that differentiate it from 2019 version, with a number of updates being inspired by the iPad Pro lineup.

Ipad Air 2020 HeroSource: Apple

There's no risk that you'll confuse the previous-gen iPad Air with the 2020 model even at a glance. The new model features a dramatically redesigned chassis, taking its design cues from the current iPad Pro, with flat edges and an edge-to-edge display with rounded corners. Thanks to the redesign, the display size has also been upped from 10.5 inches to 10.9 inches.

In adopting the iPad Pro design language, the iPad Air has also ditched the home button that has been present on Air models since 2013. Instead of Face ID in the iPad Pro, the 2020 iPad Air features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the sleep/wake button. There's also support for the second-gen Apple Pencil.

Since the new iPad Air was only just announced, you can't walk into a store just yet to pick one up. Apple states the new tablet will be "available next month", so we will update this list with the best places to buy it as and when it becomes available so you can be among the first to get Apple's new device.

Best Cheap iPad Air 2020 Deals

Apple's iPad Air 2020 is a brand new release so there aren't many deals to be taken advantage of just yet. The below retailers have begun listing the device so you can get your order in if you want to be among the first to get your hands on the device. As and when new deals pop up we will update the below list so you can get the best price on the latest iPad Air so be sure to check this page regularly.

Apple iPad Air (2020) | From $599 at Apple

Apple is the first retailer to list the iPad Air with full pricing information, though you can't yet place a pre-order there. We'll update this list when that is possible.

From $599 at Apple

Apple iPad Air (2020) | From $599 at Amazon

The product page for the new iPad Air is now up at Amazon, though it's not currently available to order.

From $599 at Amazon

Apple iPad Air (2020) | From $599 at Best Buy

The new iPad Air is listed as "Coming Soon" at Best Buy so you can't yet place a pre-order there.

From $599 at Best Buy

Apple iPad Air (2020) | From $599 at Walmart

After initially listing the iPad Air 2020 from $599 as available for pre-order with a shipping date of Friday, September 18, it's now back to just a "learn more" page at Walmart. We'll update this list when you can actually place an order there.

From $599 at Walmart

Apple iPad Air (2020) | From $599 at B&H

You can sign up to be notified as to when the iPad Air 2020 goes on sale at B&H's web store.

From $599 at B&H

Apple iPad Air (2020) | From $599 at Target

Target's iPad Air 2020 listing shows the device as "coming soon" so you'll have to wait until pre-orders open to put your money down.

From $599 at Target

Learn more about the iPad Air 2020

Not sure which iPad is the right device for you? Take a look at our iPad Air 2020 coverage for all you need to know about the latest model. If it's not the right version for you, take a look at our list of the best iPad deals for the best prices on all of Apple's tablets.

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