Best Sleeves for the 12-inch MacBook in 2022

If you carry your MacBook around with you wherever you go, you'll want a sleeve to protect it from getting banged up, scratched, or totally annihilated. Sleeves are a fantastic option because they don't add any bulk or weight, but still keep your MacBook safe!

There are dozens of options to consider — including an all-new one from Apple — while searching for the perfect 12-inch MacBook sleeve, but here are our currents favs!

Your favorite?

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Is there a MacBook sleeve that you love (that we might have accidentally missed on this list? If so, our bad...)

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Updated May 2018: We've updated the pricing on all product mentioned, and added the water-resistant Lacdo laptop sleeve to our list!

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  • I have this felt sleeve and love it for my iPad (and it’s on the cheap): I highly recommend there laptop sleeves as well (if like me you have a soft spot for felt).
  • If you are looking for high end leather goods Pad and Quill would be my choice! Sent from the iMore App
  • I have been using laptop sleeves from Waterfield Designs (some know them as SF Bags) for several years and been impressed with the quality and durability. Check them out!
  • I second Waterfield ( sleeves and bags. I've purchased several tablet and laptop sleeves, as well as a variety of accessories including wallets. They're quality is top notch and their customer support is fantastic. Highly recommended. Sent from the iMore App
  • AcmeMade makes exceptional sleeves. I had one for my MacBook Air 11" and just bought the new version for the MacBook. Highly recommend.
  • That felt sleeve from Inateck looks light and useful