Best MacBook sleeves

What are the best 12-inch MacBook sleeves?

If you carry your MacBook around with you wherever you go, you'll want a sleeve to protect it from getting banged up, scratched, or totally annihilated. Sleeves are a fantastic option because they don't add any bulk or weight, but still keep your MacBook safe!

There are dozens of options to consider while searching for the perfect 12-inch MacBook sleeve, but here are a few options to keep in mind as you continue your quest!

TopFelt Macbook sleeve

Keep your MacBook secure (and looking sharp!) with this handmade felt MacBook sleeve from TopFelt.

Designed with durable, environmentally friendly materials, the TopFelt MacBook sleeve is a lightweight and fashion-forward option to consider. With an additional front pouch, you can store your charger, Apple pen, wallet, and more, making it the perfect no-stress laptop accessory.

If you're not a huge fan of the light gray that seems to be everywhere these days, then check out the TopFelt's other vibrant colors like dark gray, yellow, green, purple, and a shade called Mei Red that honestly just looks hot pink for around $28.

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HarLex leather envelope

If you're looking for a modern, minimalist, super stylish case (that could also potentially double as a large clutch for a night out), then the HarLex leather envelope's unique design might be great for you and your MacBook!

While the envelope is not a super protective or padded case by any means, the high-quality leather will protect from any immediate scrapes or scratches the outside world wants to throw at it.

A metal snap keeps your laptop from sliding out of the case, while the outside leather is tanned with a vegetable oil for a polished, glossy finish for around $115.

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Inateck Macbook sleeve

With a soft flannel inside and a durable felt outside, the Inateck MacBook sleeve is guaranteed to keep your MacBook safe and snuggly.

The Inateck is designed with environmentally friendly materials and comes with two compartments – one for your MacBook, and a second for any accessories, books, magazines, etc. The flannel lining of the laptop case is also mold-proof and protects your laptop from falls.

The Inateck only comes in gray, but it will fit your 12-inch MacBook like a dream for around $14.

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Snugg MacBook 12-inch case

Snugg sleeve for 12 inch MacBook

With its PU leather outer panels and nubuck interior, the Snugg MacBook 12 sleeve is strong and durable while remaining lightweight and easy to carry around. It offers good protection from scratches and scrapes and is also splash-proof.

No more worrying about that expensive MacBook getting wet in the rain with this awesome $25 case!

The Snugg's magnetic element keeps your MacBook secure inside the case and is easy to open and close. There's even a slot under the flap to hold business cards and it comes in several beautiful colors to suit any taste.

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Omoton Wallet Sleeve case for 12-inch MacBooks

Omoton Wallet Sleeve

The Omoton Wallet sleeve for 12-inch MacBooks offers excellent protection from scratches, dings, and water while remaining extremely thin and light. And at under $15, this sleeve provides good value at an inexpensive price-point.

Its synthetic leather outer and soft polycarbonate fiber inner form a tight sheath that protects your MacBook from scratches and keeps the rain out. It has a strong fastener that automatically locks in place, preventing your MacBook from accidentally slipping out.

There's even a 9-degree stand so that you can prop your MacBook up slightly for a more comfortable typing and reading experience. You can pick up the Omoton Wallet Sleeve case for 12-inch MacBooks for around $13.

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Twelve South BookBook for 12-inch MacBooks

Twelve South BookBook

Twelve South's BookBook is a totally fresh way to protect and conceal your 12-inch MacBook. It makes it look like a real vintage hardcover book — you can even store it in a bookshelf and no one would even know that it's really a laptop.

Handcrafted with genuine leather outer panels, reinforced corners, and a cushioned spine, the interior is velvety soft and indeed puts the book in MacBook.

There are two styles available: Classic and Rutledge. A special technique is used for the Rutledge that lays one color over another, following the grain of the leather. Once the color is laid down, some elements of it are removed. For this reason, no two Rutledge editions will be exactly alike.

You can pick up this MacBook case for around $80.

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Incase Icon Tensaerlite sleeve for 12-inch MacBooks

Incase Icon

If you like neoprene, the Icon Tensaerlite sleeve from Incase offers extra protection ... for a few extra dollars. The Icon's upper and lower neoprene compression panels hug your MacBook while the shock-absorbing Tensaerlite bumpers protect against damage from knocks and falls.

The interior of this $70 case is made from a soft faux-fur lining to keep your MacBook scratch-free and the magnetic enclosure secures it and keeps it from slipping out.

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Waterfield Dash Sleeve

If you're looking for a durable, rugged, well-made sleeve for your 12-inch MacBook, then take a peek at the Dash Sleeve from Waterfield.

This incredibly lightweight and compact sleeve is designed with a soft, cushiony interior to protect your MacBook from scratches, dirt, and grime of the outside world, while the outside is made from a textile coated, water-resistant material that's built to absorb any impact that your MacBook takes.

The Waterfield Dash Sleeve is secured with an elastic top band so your MacBook doesn't slide out of it when you're carrying it around, and a rear zipper-close mesh pocket for additional wires and accessories.

You can pick up the Dash Sleeve for around $89 in blue, green, gray, and red.

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Is there a MacBook sleeve that you love (that we might have accidentally missed on this list? If so, our bad...)

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Updated June 2017: Added the Waterfield Dash Sleeve to the list!