Best Matte Monitors for Mac iMore 2021

Apple offers some incredible displays on its Mac computers. Still, they tend to be super glossy and reflective, which can get annoying if you're trying to work in the sun, in your home, or another bright environment. If you don't necessarily need the incredible Retina-class screen and just want something high-def that's not a mirror, we've found some of the best matte monitors for Mac.


Good for USB C: HP Business Z27

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Apple is going all-in on USB-C for its Mac computers, and thankfully, HP jumped on board too. While not one of our favorite USB-C monitors, this display from HP pushes a solid 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution at 60 Hz, and the IPS screen will get you some vibrant colors as well. The anti-glare finish is perfect for those in bad lighting situations.


Amazing quality: Acer XF270HUA

This monitor from Acer comes well-reviewed and packs an impressive array of features. It offers 2560x1440 QHD resolution at a whopping 144 Hz refresh rate, so no matter what you're doing, it'll be able to keep up. It's built with AMD FreeSync technology, which keeps things running quite smoothly as you switch between apps and windows. It even has two built-in speakers.


Best on a budget: Acer SA230

Sometimes all you need is something simple that will get the job done. This 23-inch monitor from Acer is a no-frills workhorse that will plug right into your Mac and get you going quickly. The 1920x1080 resolution isn't anything fancy, but for the basic day-to-day computing needs, it will be fine, and your wallet will thank you. When it comes to quality for price, this is one of the best matte monitors for Mac.

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All the right curves: Samsung C32HG70

While curved TVs didn't really take off, curved monitors are still a thing. The curved screen helps out on larger monitors, so you don't lose quality as you get to the edges of the screen. If you're looking for a little large monitor with a good curve, this one from Samsung is a solid choice. It's got the same QHD 2560x1440 resolution as the other top competitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate to boot. Samsung isn't known for being inexpensive; however, so be prepared to fork over quite a bit of green.


Go big or go home: Samsung CHG90

If size matters to you, then check out this other Samsung monitor. This thing measures out at an insane 49 inches, which I probably couldn't even fit on my desk (it's even larger than my TV!). It pushes a 3840x1080 resolution, which if you do the math, comes out to a 32:9 aspect ratio. If you're a serious designer or gamer and you just want to see all of the things, go for it.

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While high-end displays are more often associated with hardcore gamers, there's plenty of other reasons to buy an anti-glare monitor for your Mac. If you have a newer Mac, take a look at the HP Z27n G2 for the USB-C connectivity. It also has an impressive 4K resolution, so you can't go wrong with this monitor.

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For smaller budgets, look into something a little simpler like the Acer SA230. Although it's a bit smaller, Acer is a quality brand that will get the job done. Whether you're a designer, photographer, video editor, or just don't like staring at your face while you're working, there are a lot of great options for the best matte monitors for Mac.

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