Best Metal Watch Bands for Apple Watch iMore 2020

Looking for something that is elegant, classy, and professional looking for your Apple Watch that's great for both work and a fancy night out in the town? Then you should get a metal band. While Apple does have their own Milanese Loop and link-style bracelet, they're a bit on the pricier side. Here are some great alternatives that won't break the bank too much.

When you want Swiss quality: JUUK Granite Vitero Premium Watch Band

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When price isn't an issue and you want the best, check out this premium offering. JUUK uses hard anodized 6000 series aluminum that's used in aircraft, automotive, sailing, and other industries. The stainless steel is extremely lightweight yet incredibly robust and durable. There are several different color combinations, and they all have a subtle and thin contrasting color stripe running down the middle. It's only for 42/44mm sizes.

$160 at Amazon

Classic link style: JETech Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

This JETech Link Bracelet band is made of stainless steel metal that's durable and long lasting. The folding clasp makes it easy to wear, and the length can be adjusted with the included link removal tool. It comes in two colors (Black and Silver) to match your Apple Watch. And it's only a fraction of the cost of Apple's own link bracelet.

$20 at Amazon

Best of both worlds: Wearlizer Stainless Steel and Resin Bracelet

This unique band from Wearlizer combines both stainless steel metal and resin into one distinctive bracelet. The materials used are high quality, and there are several different color combinations that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Since it's in a link style, there's a link removal tool included so you can adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist.

$28 at Amazon

Get stretchy: Speidel Twist-O-Flex Stainless Steel Stretch Watchband

The Twist-O-Flex stretch band is made of stainless steel, but it's comfortable to wear and stretches up to another 5-inches to accommodate your wrist, no matter how big or small. The anodized finish gives it a matte appearance, so it's perfect for business or just casual wear. It's also resistant to water and sweat.

$80 at Amazon

A different kind of link bracelet: ImmSss Stainless Steel Watch Band

If the traditional link bracelet bores you, then consider this option from ImmSss. The middle of the bracelet has a smaller, more intricate design that feels more like jewelry, the stainless steel is designed to have a bit of heft to it, and it's quite durable. There are a few color options to pick from too, including silver with either rose gold or yellow gold stripes.

$19 at Amazon

Solid and affordable: Oittm Link Bracelet

Oittm's Link Bracelet has a simple and seamless design that's reminiscent of bracers and armor, and it's finely crafted from some of the most exquisite materials. It has a double folding clasp, so it's safe and secure. This link bracelet is very comfortable to wear, waterproof, and fully adjustable with the included removal tool. It offers superb build quality at a price that doesn't break the bank. There are several different color options.

$34 at Amazon

Metal and wood come together: LDFAS Natural Wood Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

This special link bracelet combines high quality stainless steel with natural Black Sandalwood, pulling both together for a highly distinctive aesthetic. The butterfly clasp is safe and secure, and you can remove up to six links for a better fit.

$30 at Amazon

A more feminine touch: ImmSss Bling Metal Band

This delicate metal band turns your Apple Watch into a beautiful piece of jewelry, rather than wearable tech. It's made from high quality metal that's been polished and vacuum plated for a sleek look. It also has some crystal rhinestone bling to make it sparkle in the light. There are several color options to choose from, going perfectly with your best dress.

$23 at Amazon

Yeehaw!: NO1Seller Cowboy Stainless Steel Strap Bracelet

This link bracelet features a nice cowboy style design that is sure to catch the attention of everyone else in the room. It's made with a high quality stainless steel, has a secure button folding clasp, and it comes in several different color options. It's perfect for those who prefer a more jewelry-like look while still remaining professional.

$18 at Amazon

Milanese for less: BMBEAR Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band

Milanese Loop is a simple yet elegant option when you want something that's professional looking, and this one from BMBEAR is a fraction of the cost of Apple's. It's stainless steel while also being fairly breathable and comfortable to wear. This band also has a strong magnet at the end to keep it secure on your wrist. There are several different color options to match your Apple Watch.

$15 at Amazon

Apple's classic: Apple Watch Milanese Loop

While third-party options are cheaper, the quality just doesn't line up to Apple's. If you have the cash to spare, the Milanese Loop is well worth it, as the stainless steel mesh is super high quality, and the magnetic clasp is strong and secure. Apple's Milanese Loop does not snag on clothing either, which is a common issue with third-party options.

$149 at Amazon

The best of the best: Apple Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

If you can afford it, then Apple's own Link Bracelet is no brainer. It's made of the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the case, and their link bracelet features over 100 intricate and precise components. The custom butterfly closure folds neatly into the bracelet, so you can't even tell it's there. Several links also have a special release button, so you don't even need a special tool to remove them. The Space Black will run you quite a lot, but the silver is slightly cheaper.

$449 at Apple

If we may make some suggestions...

There you have it! These are some great high quality metal bands for your Apple Watch. Most of them are affordable and still pretty good quality, but of course, sometimes you just can't beat the original quality.

If you want a good quality link bracelet that's sturdy and affordable, then we recommend the Oittm Link Bracelet. It offers a solid middle ground between affordability and quality. You know, perfectly balanced.

For those seeking something that's truly unlike most bands, then LDFAS Natural Wood Stainless Steel Link Bracelet is a winner. There's just something amazing about combining wood and metal together.

JUUK's Granite Vitero Premium Watch Band is another amazing choice, though it's a bit pricier. The stainless steel used is industrial-grade, and that subtle contrasting color stripe is a nice touch.

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