Best Monitor Arms for the LG 27UD88 iMore 2019

The LG 27UD88 is a great 4K monitor that comes with its own stand. However, whether you want to clear some desk space, set your monitor at a more ergonomic position, or just want more control over your monitor's height, you'll want to check out one of these great mounting arms for your workspace. Each of these arms supports more than the LG27UD88's 13.3 lbs, and each supports the required 100 x 100mm VESA mounting setup.

Beyond basics: AmazonBasics Premium Lift Engine Arm Mount

This monitor arm attaches to your desk with a sturdy clip, lets you easily rotate your monitor between landscape and portrait orientation, and has a tilt range of 70 degrees back and five degrees forward.

$100 at Amazon

Great budget option: VIVO Single Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount

A good stand at a decent price. The arm full extends as you need it to and provides 15 degrees of tilt in every direction and 360 degrees of swivel, letting you easily orient your monitor between landscape and portrait positions.

$26 at Amazon

Heavy duty: 3M Desk Mount Monitor Arm

This is a tough, heavy-duty monitor arm that supports up to 30 pounds, definitely enough to support the LG 27UD88. Despite this strength, the arms are actually hollow, allowing you to run your cables through the arm to tidy up your workspace.

$96 at Amazon

Dual-wield monitors: VIVO Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount

If you've picked up two LG 27UD88s and need to mount them both, this is a great option. It features a heavy-duty clamp so the weight of two monitors won't cause it to tip over, and each arm is independent of the other so you can adjust each screen to the perfect height for your needs.

$50 at Amazon

Manage your cables: EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount

EleTab's VESA arm features full 90-degree up and down tilt, full landscape and portrait swivel, and channels for holding your monitor's cables to help keep your desk neat.

$50 at Amazon

These are all great monitor arms, but if I was getting one, I'd pick up the EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount. It has a nice balance of price and ease-of-use, wide tilt angles, and built-in cable management as great additional perks. You can't go wrong with any of these though, and they all have enough strength to hold up the LG 27UD88.

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