Best screen protector for MacBook iMore 2021

If you buy screen protectors for your iPhones and iPads, why not your MacBook? This is possibly one of the most valuable products you own in terms of productivity, so keep it in perfect condition with a screen protector for MacBook. The screen protectors on this list are made especially for MacBooks, but pay attention to the dimensions to make sure you get the right size for your machine.

Sightpro Magnetic Privacy Screen For Macbook Pro

The all-in-one: SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 13-inch MacBook

Staff Pick

SightPro has the screen protector that does it all. The removable protector uses magnets to snap on and off, and it's double-sided with both a matte anti-glare surface and a glossy HD surface. No matter which side you use, this screen protector provides privacy from peeping eyes as well as blue-light blocking.

$33 at Amazon
Supershieldz Anti Glare Screen Protector

Best value: Supershieldz Anti Glare Matte Screen Protector for 15-inch MacBook

Supershieldz is an affordable solution that gives you three for the price of one, which is great if you have more than one MacBook to protect. The thin, ultra-clear protector has a matte surface to reduce glare and fingerprints.

Macbook Pro Screen Protector Anti Glare Blue Light Filter

Best for blue-light blocking: CaseBuy Screen Protector Anti-Glare Blue Light Filter for 13-inch MacBook

For those who stare at a MacBook screen all day long, eye strain is a common concern. You can reduce eye fatigue with a blue-light blocking screen protector like this one from CaseBuy.

$17 at Amazon
Homy Screen Protector

Package deal: Homy Screen Protector for 15-inch MacBook

Here's a two-pack of standard screen protectors from Homy that come with a bonus keyboard cover! Both protectors are ultra-thin and minimal so they won't reduce visibility or typing comfort. This product only comes in one size for 15-inch MacBooks.

Moshi Ivisor Screen Protector

Magnetic matte: Moshi iVisor Screen Protector for 16-inch MacBook

Moshi offers a removable screen protector with a magnetic design that is easy to snap on and take off. You can take it off to wash it and replace it whenever needed. This one is also made to reduce glare and fingerprints.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Extra tough: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for 13-inch MacBook

For the toughest screen protector around, Spigen has you covered with this tempered glass screen protector. It is rated at 9H-level hardness and is ultra clear to preserve the screen's original resolution and brightness.

Filmext Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy please: FILMEXT Removable HD Privacy Screen Protector for 16-inch MacBook

Another removable protector, the FILMEXT uses natural silicone to stick to the screen without any adhesive or magnets necessary. The privacy screen will prevent any curious bystanders from peeping at your screen from either side.

$28 at Amazon
Forito Anti Glare Screen Protector

HD Clear: FORITO Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 16-inch MacBook

For a simple protector that provides total, HD clarity and a reduction in glare, this screen protector from FORITO fits the bill. The pack of two also comes in at an affordable price point.

Protection plus

As you can see from the choices above, the best screen protector for MacBook is about more than just protection. There are protectors that also provide privacy screening, blue-light blocking, and glare reduction. Our preference is the SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen because it provides all of the above!

If the SightPro is a little out of your budget, check out a simpler choice like the Supershieldz pack of three. These are matte screen protectors that reduce glare and fingerprints, and they are super affordable. Look at the different benefits and size options of each product before you decide; find the one that goes best with your MacBook model.

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