Best Skins and Decals for MacBook Pro in 2022

Retro Apple Logo Macbook Lifestyle
Retro Apple Logo Macbook Lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

The 2019 MacBook Pro is a stunning piece of tech, but adding a fun little decal or a more protective skin can really make it fun and customized. Show off your personality and add a pop of color to your MacBook Pro 2019 with a decal or skin. You can pick from bright and flashy designs, modern aesthetic masterpieces, or even simplistic stickers that focus on the Apple logos greatness. Here are the best of the best skins and decals for the MacBook Pro.

Find the perfect decal or skin for your MacBook Pro

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The MacBook Pro 2019 is a stunning laptop, but adding a fun or protective decal or skin can really make it stand out in a crowd. We personally adore the 80s Retro Apple Macbook Decal because retro is so hawt right now!

Maybe you're on the market for a decal that's a bit smaller and minimalist — the Apple Juice Box from Amazon is a small but fun addition to your MacBook Pro that's bound to be a conversation starter — plus it comes in a few different color choices so you can really get custom.

Chris Wedel