Best Tech Gifts for Him 2017

Whether it's a friend, boyfriend, husband, or partner that you plan on buying a gift for this holiday, you're probably wondering what in the world you're gonna get that tech-obsessed guy in your life, right?

Well wonder no more, 'cause we're here to help! We've got some last-minute gift ideas that are sure to please! Oh, and by the way: These gifts are just as awesome for a guy as they are for anyone else. So don't let "gifts for guys" keep you from giving these gifts to a gal.

Apple Watch Series 3

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You can't go wrong with the brand new Apple Watch Series 3. Not only is it way faster than the former Apple Watch, but it's also got a super-bright screen, GPS, and even LTE cellular built-in.

Oh, and did I mention it's waterproof? If you're shopping for a swimmer (or just someone who has trouble keeping their pricey gadgets away from water), the Series 2 is a great choice.

Best of all, if your guy already has an older Apple Watch, all the bands will still work with the Series 3 bands! Buy the watch and skip out on picking up extra bands — now that's a great idea!

The Apple Watch Series 3 starts out at $329.

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Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a "duh" buy for anyone who wants to add some home automation to their life, and it only costs $50.

The second-generation Dot features a speaker, so it doesn't require a set of external speakers to function. Still, if you're planning on listening to music (which you should be, the Amazon Echo is a fantastic music listening device), you're gonna want external speakers.

If your gift-getting guy has any home automation accessories on his pad, the Echo Dot is perfect as a central means of controlling all that smart gadgetry.

It's also just a delightful piece of tech. Amazon's Alexa assistant is quite witty, and the company keeps it up to date with new jokes and hidden easter eggs.

All that said, if you can afford the Amazon Echo, get that instead. Its internal speakers are a lot more powerful, so it doesn't need to be hooked up to anything.

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Blue Satellite

Blue's latest headphone is a gorgeously designed, professional-quality over-ear headphone that makes it feel like you're in the recording studio — in a luxury penthouse recording studio. I know, there's no such thing, but if there were, the Blue Satellite would be used in one.

The Satellite has an analog amplifier that adds those warm tones to your music, especially your digital music, which makes it feel more emotional and less robotic. It has two separate drivers, one for noise-cancellation and one for high-fidelity audio, so your sound is not compromised. The best part about the Satellite (aside from the amazing sound quality) is how cute the headphones are. They look vintage with a steampunk flair (at least the white ones do).

The audiophile in your life needs a pair of cans this nice, and the Blue Satellite can be yours for about $400.

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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

I mean, there's really no other way to put it: Drones are damn cool. And not only are they cool, but they're also abundant. You can find a drone that's ripe for the plucking at almost any department or electronics store.

Look, when it comes to drones there's not a whole lot of real utility for most people, but who cares? They're just so damn cool.

The DJI Mavic Pro has a 4K camera, it flies for up to 27 minutes, and it's super compact. The thing folds down into a 3-inch by 8-inch space.

If your guy is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer, or just likes cool stuff that flies — the $899 DJI Mavic Pro should definitely go on your list.

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Sonos One

Sonos One

This year legendary wireless sound company Sonos released its newest product the Sonos One, which aims to be smarter and better than it's predecessor.

The Sonos One has Amazon Alexa on board, meaning it can not only play your tunes but answer your questions and help you shop for things on Amazon. If you're looking to get into the home automation world, and want a speaker, the Sonos One is a great place to start!

As for its music capabilities, it's loud, it's clear, basically, it's Sonos. That means you're going to get great-sounding audio whether you place it on your bookshelf or in the middle of your coffee table. Plus, the Sonos One can even withstand humidity, meaning you can place it in the shower for your morning bathroom karaoke — don't act like you don't sing in the shower.

The Sonos One has two amplifiers and custom-built drivers. It offers more than 40 music streaming services (including Apple Music). Oh, and it also just looks fantastic. I'd be jealous of anyone who got this speaker as a gift. The Sonos One retails for $199.

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Tile Slim

Tile Slim Tracker

Does your guy lose his keys more often than, say, never? Does his wallet go missing from time to time? Does he forget where he put his phone? Get. Him. The. Tile.

The Tile Slim is a little Bluetooth LE device that helps you find missing items. Slip it into a wallet, a bag, a briefcase, etc. and next time you lose your stuff, you just activate the chime via the Tile app. The device has a range of up to 100 ft.

"But what if it's out of range," you ask? Well, that's where this thing really earns its keep. Tile has essentially formed a mesh network with loads of Tile trackers out in the world, and you can use that mesh network to find your lost item!

Here's how they explain it:

If your Tile is out of Bluetooth range, you can use Last Place Seen to see where it was last seen on the map, or you can mark your Tile as lost and it will allow your Tile to be discovered by the community. When anyone running the app comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile, you will receive an alert notifying you of the location of your Tile.

Pretty awesome, right? Save your guy from losing yet another wallet — get him the Tile! A pack of four will cost you about $75.

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R2D2 by Sphero

Ever since Disney took over the franchise, the Holiday season has been synonymous with Star Wars and with the newest film in the saga coming out this December, the R2D2 Sphero is the perfect gift for Star Wars lovers.

This app-enabled droid lets you control R2D2 straight from your phone! With the ability to drive it around, control noises, and blink lights, it will feel like R2D2 is right there in your living room.

You can even watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the R2D2 and it will react to what's happening on the screen. R2D2 Sphero will be the hit toy of the season and you can get one for $165.

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Polaroid Zip

Have an avid photographer on your list? If so, the $100 Polaroid ZIP mobile printer is a perfect gift.

This little printer is small enough to fit in your pocket and let's you print pictures right from your phone! It can connect to any iOS or Android device using the Polaroid Connect app (free download upon purchase) and it doesn't use any ink! As long as you use Polaroid's ZINK photo paper (sold separately) it's like turning your phone into an old school Polaroid camera.

All your cute couple selfies don't have to just live on Instagram, print those bad boys out and keep the memory forever!

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UE Boom 2

Living up to its onomatopoeic name, the UE Boom 2 is an impressive option for Bluetooth audio lovers, offering 360-degree sound in a truly portable package. This $199 dollar speaker will be sure to please anyone on your gift list!

The Boom 2 is water-resistant, allowing it to be submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and come out just fine. It's also protected against dirt and mud, but won't repel those substances — though you can hand wash the speaker if it gets too messy.

UE Boom 2's battery will last you approximately 15 hours of playing time and has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet outdoors, giving you more than enough time and space to enjoy all the sounds you want to hear. Plus, if you find yourself lacking the volume you want from just one UE Boom 2, you have the option to set up another to make a stereo pair and raise the roof.

The UE Boom 2 also has the added pleasure of a controller app that can you can use to skip songs, adjust volume, and pause music — all without having to touch the speaker.

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Have any other gift ideas?

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Updated November 2017: With the holidays coming up soon, we've revamped our list with the best gifts for 2017!

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