Best Black Friday HomePod deals: Listen to Apple Music around the house with these low-price smart speakers

HomePod deals
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Apple's HomePods are some of the best smart speakers that money can buy. They sound good, fit into any home decor setup, and give you the perfect base for a HomeKit setup around your house. The problem is that they can also be expensive — but thankfully, there are now some of the best Black Friday HomeKit deals to save you some money. If you search around the web for some great prices then you'll soon find that HomePod deals tend to be few and far between, but we've made sure to find the best deals out there so that you don't have to search around. One of the best ways is to find a bundle, where retailers pop the HomePod with other accessories to save you some money.

There's the HomePod mini and the HomePod 2 in the line at the moment, with each offering its own features. The HomePod mini is the tiny HomePod, perfect for slipping in around the house and out of sight as a Siri base for a smart home setup. The HomePod 2 is for the music lover, with rich bass and clear sound quality. 

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With the Holiday season approaching and the Black Friday sales in full swing already, there are loads of ways to get the best Black Friday Apple deals. We're also tracking some of the best AirPods Black Friday deals, if you're interested in audio gear, so you can save money there as well. 

Black Friday HomePod deals

HomePod mini | $5 off at B&H

HomePod mini | $5 off at B&H

This is the lowest price that you'll find on the HomePod mini anywhere out there, what with savings on the smart speaker being so rare. This is on all the colors though, so you can choose your favorite color.

Price Check: $99 at Best Buy | $99 at Target

HomePod mini | $149 $129 at Best Buy

HomePod mini | $149 $129 at Best Buy

This HomePod deal will net you money off a HomePod mini, as well as money off string of smart lights from smart light maker NanoLeaf. It's a great way to start a smart home setup, or boost one with some extra lights.

Price Check: N/A at B&H Photo | N/A at Target

HomePod 2 | $299$279 at B&H Photo

HomePod 2 | $299 $279 at B&H Photo

This is a very rare deal indeed — generally, the HomePod 2 doesn't get reduced by much, if at all. $20 might not seem like much, but finding a reduced price like this on Apple's flagship speaker is worth jumping on as soon as you spot it.

Price Check: $299 at Best Buy | N/A at Target

Where to find the best Black Friday HomePod deals

Amazon surprisingly doesn't sell the HomePod mini currently, so if you're looking for a good deal, you'll want to try some other retailers like the ones listed below.

When do the Black Friday HomePod deals start?

The HomePod deals have already started with the beginning of the Black Friday deals! Retailers obviously couldn't wait to get their deals out for customers on Black Friday itself, so instead they've made them live now. We're already seeing some of the best iPad Black Friday deals, for example, as well as the best MacBook Black Friday deals.

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Save money with Black Friday sales

Grab bargains on Apple devices this Black Friday

If you're looking for the best Black Friday Apple deals as the annual sales season kicks off, we've got you covered. From now right through to Cyber Monday on November 27, we'll be serving up the best offers on iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, iPad, HomeKit smart home devices and more. Save a small fortune by checking back on our daily deals coverage.

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