April 22 is Earth Day, and Apple has another fitness challenge for Apple Watch users to get you out and exploring!

It's not enough that I'm skating in a roller derby tournament this Earth Day weekend: Apple wants me to go and explore my outdoor surroundings to earn its third special Apple Watch fitness badge.

Following the success of its Thanksgiving and New Years fitness events, Apple is offering users the chance to earn a special Earth Day badge for logging any 30 minutes (or longer) walk, run, cycle, or wheelchair workout in the Apple Watch's Workout app or other compatible third-party app. Complete the workout, and you'll get a special icon in the Activity app as well as a custom iMessage sticker. Ooo, shiny.

The slot for the badge will appear in the Activities app starting April 20 and a notification will go out on April 21. It's international, so everyone can participate. But, yes, that means Australia and New Zealand get to finish first.

To help you jumpstart your planning for this badge, here are some of the things you could do to get yourself up and moving this Earth Day.

Go for a spring photo walk (with or without puppers)

In many areas of the world, it's Spring at last. That means it's the perfect time to explore the blooming bushes, trees, and flowers of your neighborhood: Grab a friend (or a doggie pal) and take a 30 minute photo walk and snap your favorite spring flowers. (And don't forget to enter our Earth Day photo contest, while you're at it!)

Earth Day Spring photo contest!

Trail skating is in

Okay, so Apple doesn't officially have a skating option in the Workout app, but you can fake it by logging a cycling workout while you go roller skating, blading, or skateboarding on your town's paved bike path or trail. With clear weather in most parts of the world, it's a great excuse to feel the wind and speed through the outdoors.

Make an Earth Day-themed Strava map

Enterprising Strava bikers have made all sorts of fun map designs for riding through their neighborhood; why not use this Earth Day to attempt your own Strava creation?

Take a frigid ocean swim

Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, swimming in the ocean isn't exactly a thrilling option in April, but add in a wetsuit and a waterproof iPhone case, and you might just have some fun.

Or, you know, you could just find your local indoor heated pool. That's cool, too, but far less outdoorsy.

Run, run, run away

The Boston Marathon may have been this past Monday, but that won't stop many runners from adventuring over their city for 5Ks and fun runs. If you're in the mood for a run, check and see if your local city is offering an Earth Day 5K. You may not look as cool as the runners in Apple's recent Watch ad, but what's stopping you from feeling that way on the inside?

Clean up your town and get your steps in

Many cities offer cleanup days on Earth Day weekend to help beautify the landscape; add your Apple Watch and a walking workout to the mix, and you can earn your Earth Day badge while helping your city look great.

Play Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go Watch app does in fact log a walking workout on your Apple Watch, so you can theoretically go for a fun little Earth Day walk and help hatch your eggs, too. I know what Rene is doing!

Your ideas?

How are you going to grab Apple's new Earth Day badge? Let us know in the comments!