Big $70 saving on AirPods Max this July 4th

Airpods Max Setup
Airpods Max Setup (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

The AirPods Max are extremely impressive headphones, but they come at the steep price of $550. B&H Photo has reduced the price this 4th of July, where you'll find up to $70 off the AirPods Max.

Prices around other retailers on AirPods are known to fluctuate, but discounts like this a usually rare. As with any other discount on an Apple product that comes in more than one or two colors, it's well worth shopping around to see if the other colors are cheaper than your first choice - you may find a great deal!

AirPods Max

AirPods Max

The usually very expensive AirPods Max have been reduced at B&H photo. The best $70 saving is on the Red color variant, but the other colors in the range are $50 off. These aren't the best prices we've seen on the AirPods Max, but its still a great reduction.

AirPods Max up to $70 off

With each earcup milled out of Aluminum, the AirPods max scream quality from the moment you put them on your head. Press play and you'll be treated to some great sound quality, while the noise-canceling will block out the outside world. The wireless, Bluetooth connection makes them more convenient, and the way they connect to an iPhone is magical.

Airpods Max Georgia

Airpods Max Georgia (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

They're not audiophile-grade good - there's an overt warmth to their sound signature that, while pleasing to many, will put off the most audio-obsessed, and the Bluetooth means they don't support the top level of Apple Lossless in Apple Music. That's not even mentioning the diabolical case that Apple includes in the box - rather than a protective hard case for metal headphones that cost over $500, it's a microfibre-lined soft slipcase with magnets in the floppy lid. We'd recommend you look at the best Airpods Max cases instead.

This is not the lowest price that the AirPods Max have been - they have, in the past, slipped all the way down to $429. That's not to say that today's deal isn't worth taking very seriously - it could be a long time before a deal like this comes around again.

If you're looking at the best prices on other AirPods, then you'll want to take a look at our best AirPods deals and sales hub, and then look over the Airpods Prime Day deals if Amazon's two-day sale is more your thing.

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