Biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple how-tos of 2012

Mobile Nations was founded on the idea of helping readers get the most out of their devices, and that's why how-to tips and guides have been a staple of all of our sites, including iMore, from the very beginning. In 2012 Apple released more devices, and iOS came to include more features than ever before. iMore met this escalation with one of our own -- our ultimate guide series. Better organized and better presented, your response to them has been tremendous, and almost all of them proved to be among our most popular how-to posts of the year.

So here they are, your favorite how-tos of 2012!

5: DIY repair guides

iPhone 4S: Ultimate DIY repair guide

Ally graciously decided to share her years of iPhone and iPad repair experience with us over the course of the last year, and put together these phenomenal, step-by-step, do-it-yourself guides to getting the most out of older, or damaged devices. Not everyone can afford out-of-warranty or accidental repairs at the Apple Store, but are handy enough to do them more economically on their own.

4: iPhone photography guides

Everything you need to know to take the best pictures imaginable with the iPhone, the best camera you have with you

With the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, Apple really upped their optics game. The best camera we had with us turned into a pretty darn good camera all-around. And Leanna decided to teach a master's class on how to make it even better.

3. Buyers guides

iPhone 5 buyers guide

You think it would be easy to figure out which iPhone or iPad to get, given that there seems to be so few choices. Yet with new and old models on the market, different color, storage capacity, and cell carrier options, it can be a challenge figuring out what to buy, and where to buy it.

2. iOS Feature guides

The ultimate guide to iCloud

Just because the iPhone and iPad are easy to use, doesn't mean they're easy for everyone to use all the time. Setting up a new device, taking control of apps and media, getting the most out of Siri and iMessage and Notification Center, can be challenging. That's why, in 2012, iMore took all the how-to posts we'd been working on for years, and started to collect them together into the ultimate guides series.

1. How to fix battery life issues with iOS 6 or iPhone 5

How to fix battery life problems with iOS 6 or iPhone 5

Battery life is the ultimate quest, the holy grail, the life on mars. Every time Apple issues an update, it's even odds what it'll do to battery life. Luckily, Georgia's gotten just as good at updating her battery life tips.

Your favorite how-tos?

Just because something is the most popular, doesn't mean it was your personal favorite. So, let us know, which how-to helped you the most in 2012?

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