2016 MacBook 12-inch torn down, here's what was found inside!

Apple's refreshed 12-inch Retina MacBook has been carefully torn apart, revealing the upgraded internals that makes everything work like magic.

Here's some of the take away from iFixit:

The battery's form factor seems 100% identical to the multi-lobed cell we found in the 2015 Macbook.And yet somehow, Apple managed to squeeze in a 4% capacity increase from the 7.55 V, 39.71 Wh battery in last year's model. Apple claims this new 7.56 V, 41.41 Wh Li-ion power source should provide up to 11 hours of iTunes movie playback.We're guessing this capacity increase is owed to improved battery chemistry (though it's also possible that Apple's engineers have shaved away just enough material from the lower case to allow for a thicker battery).

Bottom line, this year's MacBook is exactly like last year's MacBook — except in the ways Apple's made it better.

  • Stick with the Pro, it's a better buy.
  • Or the MacBook Air which is also better value before Apple discontinues the MacBook Air line on favour of the underpowered MacBook. Sent from the iMore App
  • I love my 2015 MacBook. It's my daily driver. It usurped my 2011 17 inch macbook pro that I had upgraded with an SSD and 16 GBs of ram. I'm a rails developer and the macbook works perfectly for running my rails dev tools and local dev instances. The only issue I have ever had was when I ran gotomeeting, a rails server while screensharing to present what I had built. I have yet to have the same issue while screen sharing with google+.
  • I also have a 2015 model and a 2015 Macbook Pro and I love both. I take both of them with me on the go. Macbook will be used in quick situations when I have limited space and I don't need the power of the Pro and I'll use the Pro for the opposite. Road trips, at a hotel where I can have it on a desk, etc. My Macbook Pro is also my main system at home as well until I can get back from a deployment next year and replace the crappy windows system with an iMac.
  • This is without a doubt the ugliest Mac on the inside.