The Brussels Apple Store, with its Jony Ive design, opens to the public

The country of Belgium finally has an Apple Retail Store location. The store opened to the public today in the city of Brussels and is also the first of a new generation of stores that will be designed by Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive.

As posted on the One More Thing YouTube channel, a long line of over 500 Apple fans braved the wet weather to be among the first to enter into the new Brussels store. The video shows off the huge video wall that is one of the big features in the store designed by Ive, along with trees placed inside. wooden benches for showing off Apple's products, and huge glass panels in front of the store.

The overall effect gives the store a more natural and outdoor-like theme rather than a normal interior. It's likely that Apple, with Ive's guidance, will open up more retail stores with a similar design in the coming months.

Source: One More Thing

John Callaham

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  • I'll go buy my 6s+ over there in November by then the hype will be over.
  • And they had a member of staff cleaning a watch with his Sent from the iMore App