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New Best Buy TV ad aimed at bringing Apple Store customers into Best Buy

Best Buy has released a new advert for the holidays called “Everything Apple at Best Buy", and it's aimed squarely at poaching potential Apple Store purchasers and getting them to come to Best Buy's Apple Store . It starts off with a sales representative demonstrating a FaceTime call with an iPad 2. The customer says she didn’t know that Best Buy had all of the Apple products. See where this is going? It ends with Santa about to leave his presents under her tree however she has already bought the complete Best Buy Apple inventory; and it’s under the tree already!

Source: YouTube

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  • LMAO,!!!!
  • Things have come a long way since having to order Apple products from MacWarehouse and MacMall.
  • Best buy service sucks they always try to push their crap service plan which is more expensive than AppleCare but doesn't provide half the service
  • Their service is a little more but it covers physical and water damage which applecare does not, which on an apple laptop is about a thousand times more likely to happen than a hardware failure. It also gives you a battery replacement whenever you want it as part of the plan which applecare does not.
    The only advantage to applecare is the phone support which is more for grandma who doesn't know what the thunderbolt port is for than a person with a real problem as every time I have used it they just suggest generic solutions like a hard reset and then suggest I take it to the apple store when it doesn't fix the problem, but the thing is they will help you with the same software issues in the apple store without even having Applecare. Or you will have issues like I did where I was having trouble getting the backup to work properly with a time capsule router and I was on the phone for literally 45 minutes and every response they gave and everything they had me try was like they were picking what to say from a drop down box on their computer as they obviously didn't fluently have any idea what they were talking about and the issue went unresolved and I did a few google searches and had it fixed in about 15 minutes.
    As far as turn around time apple stores are great for iphones where they just hand you a refurb. On computers applecare is usually 1-2 weeks but they list it can take up to three, which is about exactly the same as BB, however with physical damage BB usually ends up just issuing a giftcard for the original sale amount for you to go and pick out a new one.
    I usually can't afford warranties either way, but from my past experiences with apple stuff it's far more likely to have a problem that would fall under drop/spill coverage than a manufacturer defect. I was always skeptical about the BB warranties until I got talked into it on an ipad 1 and the screen got cracked in my backpack on a trip, I walked into BB and they just exchanged it for a brand new ipad 2 and it took maybe 10 minutes.
  • Cool commercial. Made me laugh. "Ho ho ho...ohhh." Funny. Still, I prefer the experience at the Apple store when buying Apple products.
  • Ummmm she finished off the milk and stared at him....What was that about? LMAO!!
  • “Everything Apple at Best Buy (Except the 'Experience'.)"
  • You mean the store that sells extended warranties and doesn't fulfill the promise? I prefer MicroCenter for Apple products or the Apple Store.
  • Love the commercial, hate best buy service protection plan. :(
  • Stop using LMAO!
  • Stop using LMAO!
  • I haven't watched the video, yet, but there is a good reason to go to Best Buy for Apple products - Living somewhere that HAS no Apple store.
    I don't know how (or that) I would have bought the original iPad on release day, which I'm using right now, if not for Best Buy.
  • Hate this commercial! These commercials from Best Buy have made my 6 year old cry, annoyed my preteen and teen, and my husband, normally a fan of Best Buy, said how ridiculous, rude, and cruel these commercials are. I don't know that Best Buy insulting their customers by making them all out to be materialistic, cruel, vicious moms that don't support the true spirit of Christmas and don't love their pet, is a smart move on their part!
  • Lots of misinformation around here...
    Every Best Buy that sells apple computers has at least one full time Apple employee that works in the store. That apple employee has several Best Buy employees who get nearly the same training that an apple employee gets in an apple store. The apple kiosk is a space that apple literally pays rent on to have their kiosk and apple 'store within a store' set up there. The Apple employee has seminars and gives support just like you would get at an apple store. Not to mention the Apple employee in the Best Buy stores has far more training and responsibility than the 'geniuses' you get at an actual apple store. Not to mention you can buy apple care on the computers you get from Best Buy if that is your choice (which is an extended warranty that the employees in apple stores are also put under a lot of pressure to sell, for those of you bashing a store that sells extended warranty).
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