The case for Apple slowing down, rather than speeding up

Instead of media and markets continuously hounding Apple about "what's next?!", there's a case to be made that Apple has already announced several services that could do with a little -- or a lot -- of their attention. It might not be as magical or revolutionary as a fresh name on a big slide, but making what's already here work better could also increase the value of Apple's platform as a whole. At least that's what Joe Cieplinski thinks:

If the pattern used to be “release, then iterate, iterate, iterate,” it seems like Apple is not giving itself enough time for the “iterate” part of that process. It’s being pressured to move on to the next thing. And that leaves us with a lot of half-baked products and a ton of unrealized potential.

Cieplinski calls out FaceTime, Passbook, iBooks Author, and, of course, iCloud. And you know what? He makes a compelling case. Read it over.

Source: Joe Cieplinski