CEO of indoor positioning firm Wifarer moves to Apple in a leadership role

Apple is continuing their investment in indoor location tracking with a new hire. Philip Stanger, founded Wifarer, though the company itself isn't coming to Apple with him. Stanger's hire falls in line with Apple's acquisition of WifiSLAM last year, which, like Wifarer, uses Wi-Fi hotspots throughout large facilities like museums to figure out where you are on a map when proper GPS isn't available. Stanger's new position at Apple hasn't been made specific, but he's apparently in a "leadership role"

iBeacon is of course Apple's take on indoor positioning, and it's seeing some healthy uptake lately. Just look at Apple's recent partnership with Virgin at Heathrow airport. It will be interesting to see what Stanger brings to Apple to supplement iBeacon, and whether or not this move will eventually result in an acquisition of Wifarer.

Via: TechCrunch

Simon Sage

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