Comex answers questions about his position at Apple

Comex has been answering a lot of the general public's questions about his upcoming internship at Apple over on Reddit. Many users have been wondering whether or not this will effect jailbreak and how hard it will be for other jailbreak developers to find exploits with Comex working for the other guys now.

There are a lot of smart people working for Apple already; maybe I can help, but I doubt I can stop people from finding exploits.

Even though Comex won't (read: can't) participate the jailbreak community anymore, there are still tons of jailbreak developers out there more than willing to step up to the challenge of finding new exploits. The jailbreak cat and mouse game is far from over. Comex says he still wants to jailbreak his iPhone so he still hopes they'll find those exploits too.

You can hit the Reddit link below to read the entire thread of Q & A's with Comex.


Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.