Comic: 15 Years of iPods!

wow! i cant believe the original ipod was only fifteen years ago!

it seems like just yesterday i got the first one. it had firewire!

no, wait- ipods were those things they played vinyl records on in mad men!

is your eye okay? totally fine! not feeling extremely mortal at all!

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  • I can relate to this. I'm 34 and work with mostly fresh out of high school 19 year olds. None of them have ever owned an iPod. I honestly couldn't believe it. I asked them what they used for listening to music.
    The answers: Pandora, Spotify, YouTube. All streaming. None of them actually own any music.
    I went home and cried.
  • HA, and to think we used to be the cool kids rocking iPods.
  • I used to wish I was a cool kid rocking an iPod! I was happy I at least had a minidisc player...
  • I still have and use my iPod classic. Worth it's weight in gold.