Comic: Scratching the Surface

finally! a retina macbook air. and it comes in red. except it runs windows and apples rose gold is better.

and its an app-store only version of windows. it costs extra just to install chrome!

how is that any less locked down than an ipad pro? apple doesnt call the ipad a mac.

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  • Love it... but... Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro on the Surface Laptop is free within the first year. :)
  • This strip reminds me of Apple's "I'm A Mac" ads wherein the Mac acolyte came across as smug and borish and the PC lover as a likeable underdog.
  • Apple doesn't call the iPad a Mac, but they call it a computer. It is a device that computes. It is not the colloquial "computer". This is Microsoft's Chromebook, not their answer to Macs.
  • Keep coming back seeking a funny on this strip and fail miserably