iPhone or iPad won't turn on? If you're sure your battery isn't depleted — you're all charged up and should be ready to go! — you there's a lot you can try before giving up and calling Apple for help. Yes, sure, sometimes hardware fails, but other times it's just a software glitch or weird edge state that a few simple steps can fix. So, follow along and we'll try to get you back up and functional in no time!

1. Plug in

Yes, I know, you're sure it's not the battery and you're sure you're charged up, but let's make double-triple sure. Maybe something caused your battery to drain faster than you expected, or maybe your charger or cable wasn't working, so it's worth checking.

Grab your Lightning or 30-pin Dock connector — preferably a different one than you used before — plug into an outlet or USB port, and leave it for at least an hour. If that works — if it boots up and starts working — great. If not, keep going!