The first screenshots of Google's upcoming Android 2.0 Eclair OS have leaked and, aside from being a cream-filled, chocolate covered confectionary of a codename, eh... we're not quite sure what to make of them. They're better, but are they HTC SenseUI better?

TiPb made no secret about thinking Android 1.0 (did that one have a tasty codename? Snickerdoodle maybe?) looked a tad under-polished, and 2.0 certainly improves on that, and adds in Exchange support (like iPhone 2.0), Facebook integration (like webOS Synergy), improved WebKit browser (as fast as the iPhone 3GS?), maps with data layers (like PlaceBase?), unified email inbox (yes!), YouTube widget, big honking buttons for use while driving, voice control (like iPhone 3GS).

Check out Boy Genius Report for the full gallery and Android Central for Casey's commentary, then come back and tell us if this is the Android you've been looking for...