zune hd

So, today's the day. Everyone who works for Microsoft is up bright and early, on their way to lineup at their local Microsoft Store for a chance to scoop up a brand new, shiny Zune HD before they sell out. If you're in line, shoot our sibling site WMExperts a pic and let them know if you manage to snag one of Ballmer's new beauties.

Meantime, for an even harsher look at the Zune HD, check out AppleInsider, who we're not sure have had a hands on yet, but certainly give it a pounding. (Even we said, "ouch!")

And then join us back here tomorrow night at 8pm ET for iPhone Live! where WMExperts own news editor, Phil Nickinson will be joining us for a special edition smackdown, Zune HD vs. iPod touch G3.

Will OLED blind our iSight, or will 64GB prove size does matter? Get to the chat room early tomorrow, the place might just burn down!