Nokia's latest latest and greatest, the N900, is being shown off at Nokia World, and it again has our own NokiaExpert, Matt Miller, all shades of excited.

While some have complained about it's meager 3 rows of keys (3 rows too many for me, but I know many others like physical keyboards...) most are really excited about it's Maemo (Linux-based) operating system, and it's new user interface.

In fact, antonioj, who sent the link our way, thinks it might be enough to pressure Apple into refreshing the 2007-era iPhone UI.

TiPb's split on this one. On one hand, the UI is far from broke, so does it really need cosmetic fixing? Should Apple spend resources re-skinning it to keep up with fashions at, say, the expense of improving notification handling or adding other, much needed features?

On the other hand, the iPhone was no doubt an immediate sensation due to its then-groundbreaking UI, and while the Mac's Aqua is going on 10 years old, with nary a Marble in sight, the mobile space is far more appearance-sensitive, and HTC's Hero and now the N900 are upping the chrome game considerably.