While the re-hacking of iTunes sync hogged a lot of attention yesterday, the bigger story is Palm updating the Pre to webOS 1.1.

And what were the major updates?

  • IT-initiated remote wipe
  • Required PIN with complexity
  • Device wipe after a certain number of failed PIN attempts
  • Auto-lock
  • Improved digital certificates

Our sibling site, PreCentral.net is also keeping an updated list of webOS 1.1: Tons of Undocumented Features

May not sound like much compared to some iPhone updates, but here's the key thing we're taking away -- Palm is doing the update over the air (OTA). Unlike the iPhone, where 250ish MB firmware files need to be downloaded via iTunes and installed over USB tether, webOS sticks to its cloud-centric focus and calmly sips down 85MB or so during down time then installs when it's ready to go. If memory serves, Android did this as well with their 1.5 Cupcake release. Sounds like the future to us.