What you need to know

  • Congress wants to see Tim Cook's emails as part of its antitrust investigation.
  • Cook has until October 14 to hand over communications.
  • Other high profile executives are also under fire, including Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

As part of its investigation into anticompetitive behavior, Congress has requested to see the emails of Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to the Wall Street Journal, Cook has until October 14 to hand over communications and even financial statements.

Cook is just one of many executives name in the requests, according to WSJ, which also include Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and more. Congress is currently taking a hard look at the four technology giants (Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google) as part of its larger antitrust investigation.

WSJ writes:

Apple was asked for executives' emails about its App Store, including search results, and its decisions regarding the apps it provides to consumers by default.

The App Store was previously under scrutiny after Apple pulled third-party screen time apps, which the company said it did over privacy concerns.

Just this week Apple tweaked its App Store algorithm so that its own apps don't dominate search results. The company said it made the changes so that its app no longer have an unfair advantage compared to apps offered by third-party developers.

We'll see how things unfold once Cook hands over documents on October 14.