Control this $40 iHome Smart Plug using Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant

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Home automation accessories are one of the coolest things out there, but they can also get pretty expensive. Right now you can save $10 on iHome's Wi-Fi Smart Plug, dropping the price down to just $39.99. This plug can be controlled using Apple's HomeKit, Google's Assistant or Amazon's Alexa.

That's right, you don't even have to get up to control the items you plug into it. The future is here. Some other features include:

  • Broadest Smart Home platform support, compatible with Apple HomeKit, Nest, Smart Things, Wink, Amazon Alex and Google Assistant
  • WiFi enabled wall plug lets you control small appliances using 1800 watts or under,
  • Great for controlling lights, window air conditioners, fans, portable heaters, coffee makers, home audio systems and more
  • Pre-paired remote control included. Turn plug on or off without smartphone or tablet. Great for children and guest control of connected devices.
  • Global remote access., 24/7 home monitoring and control your SmartPlug and home product with the iHome Control App
  • Power usage monitoring via app. Helps you save money by monitoring the power your connected devices consume
  • Slim design fits into any standard 120 VAC outlet, leaving second outlet free, or plug in two SmartPlug


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - This is one of the few smart plugs that can be controlled using just about any smart assistant that exists. You can integrate it in your current setup, or use it to begin a smart home of your own.
  • Things to know before you buy! - These things are addictive. Once you have one, you're going to want to get another one and another one. Save the troubles and just order a few of them now!

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Jared DiPane

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