It should come as absolutely no surprise that Tim Cook has weighed in on the current U.S. govermnent practice of separating and detaining children and babies as part of its border control policies.

Speaking in Dublin on Tuesday, Mr Cook described the situation as "inhumane" and said Apple would be working with people in the US government to try to be a "constructive voice" on the issue.

"It's heartbreaking to see the images and hear the sounds of the kids. Kids are the most vulnerable people in any society. I think that what's happening is inhumane, it needs to stop," Mr Cook told The Irish Times. We've always felt everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. In this case, that's not happening."

Cook also said he'd spoken to U.S. President Donald Trump about a number of issues and found that while Trump listened, he didn't always agree.

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It's long been Cook and Apple's policy to remain engaged in situations they disagree with, even drastically, as the best way to affect change.

He said Apple would would take a constructive approach to try to deal with the current situation. "I'm personally a big believer in the way to be a good citizen is to participate, is to try to advocate your point of view, not to just sit on the sideline and yell or complain," he said.

"That will be the approach we will take here. This one in particular is just heartbreaking and tragic."

Apple has enormous influence. It's great to see Tim Cook using it to advocate for civil and human rights so always.

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