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What you need to know

  • Apple is restricting travel to Italy and South Korea due to coronavirus.
  • It announced the new restrictions in a memo to employees today.
  • The company is encouraging employees to host virtual meetings instead.

As coronavirus continues to spread, Apple has begun restricting travel for its employees to more countries than just China. Reported by Bloomberg, the company released a memo to employees today detailing their updated travel restrictions as well as other tactics to prevent the spread of the disease.

The company explained in the memo that it will now be restricting travel to China, South Korea, and Italy. Only "business-critical" travel will be permitted, and those wanting to go will have to get approval from a Vice President of the company.

The memo also encourages employees to move meetings to be held virtually instead of in person.

"There are many ways to continue to manage our ongoing meetings and activities through calls and video. If you do have travel planned, we suggest you work with your managers to consider delaying or canceling business travel which could be postponed or managed through virtual meetings."

Apple also said that "deep cleaning protocols are our top priority" and that efforts are underway to fight the virus at its stores, offices, and employee shuttles through hand sanitizer stations and other tactics.

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The memo also states that any employees who develop a fever or cough are instructed to take sick leave immediately.

"Any employee who is sick, in particular, anyone who has a fever or severe cough, should take sick leave until they have fully recovered."

While Apple has restricted travel to Italy and South Korea, the company's eighteen retail locations that span across the two countries currently remain open.

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