Court documents show off early kickstand iPad, skinny iPhone prototypes

Apple experimented with an iPad with a kickstand, a super-skinny iPhone 4, and several other variants that have, up until now, not seen the light of day. The concepts come via court documents related to Apple and Samsung's ongoing legal dispute, and Bryan Bishop from The Verge has rounded them up for easy viewing.

Of particular note are multiple iterations of the iPad featuring different types of kickstands, what appears to be a 16:9 model with wide handles on either side, and an eight-sided iPhone with diagonal corners. Many of the iPad prototypes also feature "iPod" on the back, perhaps giving insight into Apple's early naming considerations.

Check out their gallery to see the assortment, then come back and let us know which are your favorites -- good, bad, and ugly.

Source: The Verge

Rene Ritchie

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