Cupertino City Council unanimously approves Apple's new Campus 2

Apple's plans for the 'spaceship' designed Campus 2 finally came good last night, as Cupertino City Council unanimously gave its approval for the project to go ahead. There were concerns throughout with regards to increased traffic the project would bring on nearby Highway 280, but despite the concerns, there is massive support for the project to go ahead.

As part of the construction of Campus 2, Apple will demolish the now-empty former HP campus, and build Campus 2 in two phases over a period of 48 months. To help soften the impact on commuter traffic, Apple is said to be using its own bus fleet and other 'alternative transport' to get its staff into the building. Reports also suggest talks may take with Caltran over widening Highway 280 at Apple's cost.

It's been a long drawn out affair, but now for Apple at least, progress can begin. It's a stunning, stunning looking facility, sure to be a pleasure to work in.

Source: NBC Bay Area

Richard Devine

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