Custom built Lego Apple Store is...awesome!

What you see here isn't one of those special edition Lego sets – like the new DeLorean of which I am a proud owner – this is a custom job and is the work of one Jon Lazar. The painstakingly constructed replica is an Apple Retail Store in every detail, from the 'glass' front to the tables set up inside filled with iPhones and iPads.

There's even a Lego Genius Bar with blue-shirted geniuses behind it, and the front sees the giant Apple logo – frankly, one of the best uses we've seen so far for those free stickers that come with everything – atop a black square background. There's a bunch more images and the full construction tale at the source link below. Be sure to show Mr Lazar some appreciation, and tell me; would you buy this if it went into proper production?

Source: JustJon via TUAW

Richard Devine

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