Annoyed by the iPhone Auto-Lock feature on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and wondering how to alter it or turn it off completely?? I know I am! I put the iPhone down for a minute, the screen goes off and I have to slide to unlock to get back to where I was again, it’s all a little bit annoying. The good news is that Apple has provided us with a way to customise the time it takes for this feature to activate or if you really hate it, turn it off altogether.  

Here's how to configure Auto-Lock

  1. Open up Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Auto-Lock

You will now see a list of times, these represent the time lapse between you not touching the screen and the screen turning off and requiring you to turn it back on with a slide to unlock. It is always set as standard to one minute. Here you can change that time to a maximum of five minutes.

The final option is “Never” be careful with this option as it will leave your iPhone screen on and active; unless you physically turn it off. This will cause a huge decrease in battery life and no doubt lead to a lot of pocket calling.

That's it, once you have chosen your time setting, that’s how it will behave in the future. I have mine set on two minutes, makes more sense to me than one minute!

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