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Not getting alerted to a new Facebook message or Twitter DM on your iPhone or iPad and wish you were, or getting too many alerts and wishing you knew how to turn them off? Worry not, Apple has built in a system to manage your App Store app notifications and we'll show you how to turn them on or off, and choose just which kinds of alerts -- sound, popup or badge -- you want for each one... after the break!

App Store apps can send both push notifications over the internet (so you know when you get a new IM or game challenge) and local notifications on the device so you know when a task is due or a timer goes off. Unfortunately, iOS still handles these in a singular, interruptive way. Hopefully iOS 5 will fix that, but until then Settings will be your best friend.

Notification notification

The first time you launch an app that uses notifications, Apple makes them ask your permission to send them. (See the picture up top.) You can choose to allow it not allow it. But don't worry if you have second thoughs, or if you make a mistake. It's easy to change.

How to turn off all app notifications

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap on Notifications
  3. Toggle the slider on or off, as you so choose

You can even just say no and turn them all off like Rene.

How to selectively enable/disable app notifications

  1. Instead of toggling the general on/off slider, scroll down to the app you want to adjust and tap it
  2. Toggle the sliders of Sounds, Alerts, and Badges as you wish.

If you toggle them all off, that app will no longer send you notifications. If you don't mind badges but find sounds or alerts annoying, mix and match to your liking.

Note: Some apps also have push notification settings inside the app as well to give you more granular control of what types of notifications get sent. We'll do a tip on that in the future.

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