Daily Tip: How to regain access to a passcode disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Did someone get ahold of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and try to guess your Passcode Lock one (or a thousand!) times too many, and now you're wondering how to regain access to it yourself in this lifetime? The screenshot above was sent to us by a baffled reader who's small child got ahold of their iPhone. But don't worry if you've actively been creating backups of your iOS device, you can still regain access -- without having to wait 6 million minutes first.

To regain control of your iPhone, you'll simply need to restore your device in iTunes.

1. First put your phone in either DFU mode or recovery mode. Either will work in this scenario. Most people will prefer recovery mode as DFU can be a bit trickier. If recovery mode doesn't work, then backtrack and try DFU mode. 2. iTunes will prompt you that a device in recovery mode has been detected and that you'll have to restore before using it. 3. Now go ahead and click Restore. 4. iTunes will do its thing and when it's done it will prompt you to either Set up as a new iPhone or Restore from a backup. Choose whatever option you'd like and let iTunes restore your device.

You're done and you didn't have to wait six million minutes! Thanks to reader Tom for the tip idea and we hope this helps you get into your iPhone well before that timer runs out!

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