Steve Jobs Theater Source: Rene Ritchie/iMore

What you need to know

  • Drone footage of Apple Park shows it almost completely empty.
  • The surrounding areas are similarly short on people.
  • Apple policy and a shelter in place policy make for some eery footage.

New drone footage shows just how weird it is to see Apple Park and the surrounding areas with almost no people around. The footage, provided by Duncan Sinfield who also documented the area's building, is probably the most eery thing you'll see this week.

Apple has told its Apple Park employees to work from home wherever possible, and with a coronavirus-related shelter in place order preventing people from leaving homes in the surrounding area, it's understandable why everything is so quiet. But that doesn't make it look any less strange.

I doubt Apple Park has been this quiet since the day that it opened, and it's unlikely to be back up to speed for a number of weeks as the area, the country, and the planet contends with the coronavirus pandemic that has already changed the way we work and live.